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Custom Shopify Websites

We build highly effective custom Shopify websites from scratch. You get the power, flexibility, and 24/7 support of Shopify, with the features, strategy, and unique details of a bespoke site.

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Who it’s for
  • Well-established shops
  • Brands with complex needs
  • Shops with a lot of content
  • The detail-oriented!

What you get
  • Advanced strategy
  • A completely unique look
  • Custom features & apps
  • Attention paid to every detail

Custom Shopify Website Case Study

Creating an online flagship shop for Sugar Paper, a Los Angeles based stationery store with two retail locations.

52% Conversion Rate increase
68% Mobile Conversion Rate Increase
202% Revenue Increase
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Aeolidia took the pain out of this process by creating a team of specialized professionals who took a great amount of care into building a strategic plan for the site functionality, the design, and customer experience.

Chelsea Shukov

Sugar Paper
Chelsea Shukov & Jamie Grobecker of Sugar Paper

Have you outgrown your website?

If it’s not doing you justice, let’s level it up to drive more sales

Is it finally time to have a website that reflects where your business is at now? You’ve grown and honed in on your brand’s aesthetic, values, and themes. Your website may no longer match what you know to be true about your business. In fact, it could be making your brand look smaller and less remarkable than it is.

Maybe your current site has been adjusted over the years and it gets the job done. But you don’t want to just, “get the job done,” you want a site that truly brings your brand to life on the screen. You want your visitors to get a sense of your values, strengths and who you are as a company.

We excel at helping established businesses adjust to and plan for growth. Let's talk.

Custom Shopify Design in Our Portfolio

Shopify Plus website for SweetHoney children's clothing boutique
Custom Shopify Plus website for Simplified
Honey Bee Stamps homepage by Aeolidia
Molly Hatch homepage website design by Aeolidia
Always Fits Custom Shopify Plus website design
Shopify website for Paper Mundi, an art prints shop.
Mobile-first Shopify website for a flower art and home goods shop
Brand identity design, custom website, and copywriting for an e-commerce baby brand
Desktop and mobile screens showing the Balanced Bites homepage on their Shopify website redesign for an ecommerce meal delivery brand.
Hello Adorn - Shopify Plus home page design for a hand-made jewelry brand.
eeBoo - website and brand design for a boutique toy and puzzle brand.
Custom Shopify redesign for a letterpress print & design studio and gift boutique
Custom Shopify web design for a fabric shop.
Mobile first website design for handmade baby clothes company.
Needle Sharp - brand and web design for online subscription sewing kit service.
Worthwhile Paper homepage
Custom Shopify design for a home decor brand.
Benzie Design - Shopify website design for craft and felt supplies store.
Street mural featuring visual design for a specialty garden store.
Gladfolk - homepage design for a modern lifestyle goods brand.
Kate Ryan Skincare - website and branding for a natural skincare line.
custom character illustration for Muddy's Bake Shop; learn more about the illustration types that we offer.
Custom Shopify website for a printmaker
yarn shop branding
Shopify design for a lifestyle shop
Maker + Stitch - branding and website design for a brick and mortar knitting shop.
Sugar Paper homepage
Setting up an ecommerce site for a brick and mortar handmade tile shop.
Shopify website design for a bath and body shop
Cashmerette - Shopify website design for a plus size sewing brand moving from WordPress to Shopify.
Floret - a strategic Shopify and WordPress integration for a flower farm.
photo shoot for a wooden gifts business
Emily McDowell Studio - Shopify website for established stationery business.
Twig + Tale logo for a sewing pattern business

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The Shopify websites we design have a reputation for substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales. Let's talk!

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