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Kate Ryan Skincare - website and branding for a natural skincare line.

Kate Ryan Skincare

Taking a natural skincare brand to the next level

The Challenge

Founded in 2012, Kate Ryan is a line of small-batch skincare products made with honest, safe, and real ingredients that fill the gap between natural products and those made with science-backed, anti-aging actives. They take pride in their formulas, and are firm in their principles of transparency and quality ingredients, but their unique story and voice weren’t coming through on their website.

Our Approach

In order to rework the brand, we envisioned a clean and purposeful identity that feels sophisticated yet warm and approachable. We took a fresh and immersive approach to translating the new branding elements to the online shop. White space, warm tones, spot illustrations, and subtle load-animations ensure the products are showcased front and center.

Kate Ryan Skincare - logo design.
Logo design.
desktop conversion rate increase
mobile conversion rate increase
Kate Ryan Skincare - brand guide for a natural skincare line.
Painted floral patterns paired with timeless, simple fonts and warm, vibrant accent colors complement the brand’s established geometric mark and handwritten logo.
Kate Ryan Skincare - mailer box package design for a natural skincare line.
Mailer box package design.

Kate Ryan Skincare’s loyal customers are a diverse audience. They range from a 30-something just starting out in the anti-aging world, to more mature clients looking to care for their aging skin. When working on their branding exploration, Jess sought to create a bridge between both demographics. Minimal designs, floral elements, and a color palette of charcoal black, white, pink, and light grey/silver strike a perfect balance that is feminine and sophisticated with just a dash of whimsy. The new visual identity feels like a natural evolution for the Kate Ryan brand. It’s a fresh start that won’t ostracize current long-time customers.

Inspired by the clean yet warm aesthetic of the new packaging, we created a website that carries this fresh new messaging into an interactive space. The brand’s colors were balanced with white space to create a simple, modern shopping experience that makes it easy for customers to browse the line’s wide range of products. The end result feels contemporary and visually rich, further emphasizing the sophistication of the brand.

Kate Ryan Skincare - mobile website design for a natural skincare line.
Responsive skincare website design.

Overall, the new site is awesome. User friendly for customers and seller-friendly – gotta love it! The new branding is beautiful and feels very us. Our customers are loving it! We highly recommend Aeolidia if you are looking to take your e-commerce store to the next level!

Bev & Erica

Kate Ryan Skincare
Kate Ryan Skincare - headshot of Erica and Bev.
Headshot of Kate Ryan Skincare owners Erica and Bev.
Kate Ryan Skincare - mobile website design for a natural skincare line.
Responsive Shopify design for a skincare brand. The results of the redesign go beyond the beautiful new look and improved functionality. The new, higher website conversion rates are stunning, too!
Kate Ryan Skincare - skincare set product photography.
Skincare set product photography.
Kate Ryan Skincare - moisturizer product photography.
Moisturizer product shot.
Kate Ryan Skincare - moisturizer product photography.

Moisturizer product shot.

Kate Ryan Skincare - serum product photography.
Serum product shot.
Kate Ryan Skincare - thank you note print design for a natural skincare line.
Thank you note print design.
Kate Ryan Skincare - product card print design.
Product card design.
Kate Ryan Skincare - facial mist label packaging design.
Facial mist label design.
Kate Ryan Skincare - serum box packaging design.
Serum box design.
Kate Ryan skincare - brand sticker packaging design.
Brand sticker package design.

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