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Shopify design for a lifestyle shop


A custom Shopify site for a lifestyle brand and housewares shop

The Challenge

LEIF is a lifestyle shop full of beautiful things for everyday living. When founder Stacy Longenecker launched LEIF as an e-commerce only shop in 2011 it was a natural extension of her love of artful, effortless design. In 2016 LEIF started wholesaling their own product line and opened a brick & mortar store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

LEIF has had great success with being featured on blogs, but Stacy didn’t want to rely on blog traffic to drive sales. She had already built a strong brand with a cult following, so the focus of this project was on improving her website’s search engine optimization and increasing the average conversion rate.

Our Approach

Stacy had already created an endearing and beautiful brand but it wasn’t being translated as well as it could be on her site. Although her site featured beautiful photos and products, she knew it could be better optimized to convert more browsers into buyers. We wanted to take what was already working for LEIF and develop it into a more engaging, intuitive, and detailed digital experience.

We collaborated with Stacy to make sure that what we created stayed true to her aesthetic, while creating a beautifully designed buying experience for her target customer. What resulted was a polished and clean website that feels like an evolution of her brick + mortar shop.

Shopify website page designs for a lifestyle and gift shop.
Shopify website page designs for a lifestyle and gift shop.
Shopify product page design.
Stacy wanted to focus on adding elements that would improve her site’s SEO rankings and enhance the customer experience to increase sales and conversions.

I want to really buff up our product pages so they tell more of a story and feel more comprehensive. I’d say this is perhaps the area where I want to place the most focus aside from the homepage.

One of my ideas is to add an icon-based tagging system for all products. Whenever a product has one of the following features, like handmade or from a woman-owned small business, a designated area for this functionality will display the appropriate icons and mousing over these icons will show more information.

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