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Get More Traffic, Make More Sales

After 18 years building online shops, I know that the key to growth is fairly simple:

  • You need more website traffic
  • You need to make more sales from that traffic

But just because the answer is simple doesn’t mean the process to get there is easy or obvious. Luckily, I’ve discovered that there are 5 main ways to grow your traffic and 5 main areas to improve your website to boost sales.

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More Tools & Guides

We’ve gathered a lot of information over our decade and a half in business, and we’ve pulled some of it together for you to use to grow and improve your business.

The Founder's Bookshelf

The Founder’s Bookshelf

These are all books which have significantly influenced Aeolidia for the better, and which I recommend to any business owner.

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forecasting your ROI

Forecasting Your ROI

Aeolidia aims to be a step towards 10x-ing a business, not just a 10% improvement. Is it time for your business to take this step?

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ROI calculator

ROI Calculator

How much money can your website make? Use your own sales numbers to forecast ROI for a web design project with us.

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SEO quick wins

SEO Quick Wins for Shopify Sites

Search Engine Optimization is important for getting traffic to your site. Use our “quick wins” strategy to target easy-to-improve keywords.

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ecommerce setup checklist

E-Commerce Setup Checklist

Everything you need to do set up an online shop in one handy guide. Includes a comprehensive e-commerce setup checklist!

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Etsy vs. Shopify Fee Calculator

Etsy vs Shopify Fee Calculator

What will it cost to set up your own shop? Use this calculator to choose a Shopify plan, and compare to your Etsy fees.

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260 Blog Post Ideas

260 Blog Post Ideas

A list of 260 blog post idea prompts for creative, product-based businesses that sell products online.

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The Shopify websites we design have a reputation for substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales. Let's talk!

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