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Ongoing Shopify Website Optimization

What Could You Do If You Had a Designer, Developer, Strategist, Copywriter, Photographer, Email Expert, and SEO Consultant On Staff?

And even better, what if you didn’t have to find, hire, train, or manage these people… and this expert team cost less annually than one in-house employee?


There is so much to do to see consistent growth and marketing success. And it’s hard to get all your ongoing Shopify website maintenance and strategic optimization done in-house. What would it be like if you could have an ecommerce strategist, brand designer, web designer, developer, copywriter, photographer, and marketing experts on your team, without having to hire any new employees or find a bunch of freelancers?

Hello from your new ecommerce department: us!

You can retain our whole team hourly, with a three month minimum, all focused on improving your site. One month it may be all strategy and website improvements, the next you may have us working on new email campaigns while designing packaging for you, then the next we’ve moved on to SEO and updates to your site navigation.

Whatever you need, you have our entire expert team by your side. And if you don’t know what you need? We’ll have analyzed your stats and have a big pile of money-making ideas for you!

What we offer

What will have the greatest impact on your business in the next 30 days? Here are some starter ideas to build your strategic plan.

Figure out where to focus next

Why? Nothing beats the efficiency of taking action on what you know will pay off

Have our Ecommerce Analyst look at your stats to figure out what your unique site visitors respond well to. We’ll identify segments that are performing well, areas in need of improvement, and opportunities for growth. 

Lean on our years of ecommerce experience for a user experience review that will help you correct common errors and implement strategic updates.

  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Strategic UX review
  • Deep dive into email statistics

Increase online sales

Why? 97% of your visitors aren’t buying from you. Let’s give them more reason to.

Good news: there is always room for improvement on a website. The bigger brands continually optimize their sites and do ongoing Shopify website maintenance. We can do a lot each month to hone your site to convert more visitors into buyers. If you’re getting enough traffic, we can also dig into advanced strategies, like watching real visitors use your site.

  • Strategy-driven website improvements
  • Homepage optimization
  • Navigation strategy
  • Product reviews setup & customer outreach
  • Speed up your site load time
  • Heat mapping
  • Screen recording
  • User testing 

Grow a customer base/hone your brand

Why? You need the traction that comes from having a standout brand.

Does it feel like things aren’t quite clicking? How can you get that group of loyal customers that just grows and grows over time (and keeps returning)? The trick is all about your brand strategy, then figuring out how to broadcast that to the right people. We can help with discovery, brand development, and content creation.

  • Brand strategy (target customers, competitor research, differentiation)
  • Marketing strategy (email marketing, social media marketing)
  • Written content for email marketing, social media, and your website
  • Email template design
  • Social media graphic design templates
  • Blog posts or email newsletters (copywriting)

Get more traffic

Why? Even the best website won’t pay off without the traffic to support it.

Even at a strong conversion rate, the vast majority of visitors to your site won’t make a purchase. That’s why you need to get thousands of visitors each month to be able reach your goals. And for those people who don’t purchase, it’s important to get them on your mailing list – it can take up to fifteen visits before someone purchases, and you can keep them coming back while building their trust.

  • Klaviyo email software setup & strategy
  • Klaviyo SMS setup & strategy
  • Automated emails (welcome, abandoned cart, and more)
  • Email content and template design
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • SEO best practices setup
  • SEO copywriting for your website 

Add features to your website

Why? Certain extras make it easier or more compelling to make a purchase.

Subscriptions are popular right now, and are a great way to get recurring revenue from your best customers. Product reviews are so important for helping people make a purchase. And if you have a brick and mortar shop, there are many ways to continue to serve your local customers from your website.

  • Customizable products
  • Subscription products or boxes
  • Fabric yardage feature
  • Calculators (think tile, wallpaper, fabric)
  • Product reviews, chat, and Q&A
  • Gift cards
  • Local delivery and/or pickup
  • Events calendar / online classes
  • Integrate new apps

Other ongoing Shopify website maintenance and improvements it may be time for:

  • Packaging design
  • Illustration
  • Product photography
  • Rebranding your business
  • Strategic website redesign

How can we help?

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