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Ongoing Shopify Optimization

Shopify website optimization is an ongoing need. What could you do if you had a designer, developer, ecommerce strategist, copywriter, photographer, email expert, and SEO consultant on staff?

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Who it’s for
  • Growth-oriented shops
  • Those looking to optimize
  • Well-established brands
  • Brands with regular needs

What you get
  • Analysis & strategy
  • A full implemention team
  • Maintenance & optimization
  • Email & SMS marketing

Shopify Website Optimization Case Study

ongoing Shopify website optimization for a craft supplies brand, Honey Bee Stamps

Continually improving the Shopify site for Honey Bee Stamps, a craft supply designer with a loyal following.

12.4% of revenue from upsell & cross-sell
44.8% of revenue attributed to Klaviyo
Dozens of customer-focused improvements
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I’m beyond happy that I hired Aeolidia. They really understand my target market - which makes all the difference in the world. We have seen big wins in our stats from upgrades that they've made to the site over the years. It's nice to have peace of mind that my site is constantly backed up and I have the team available for maintenance and fixes. I'm so glad that Melissa, my project manager, “gets me” and what's important to me.

Melissa Hewitt

Honey Bee Stamps
Melissa Hewitt of Honey Bee Stamps

What are the best next steps for your website?

A website is never done, and there's always room for improvement

Established brands continually optimize and maintain their sites. We can do a lot each month to hone your site to convert more visitors into buyers. If you’re getting enough traffic, we can also dig into advanced strategies, such as A/B testing, heat mapping, and watching real visitors use your site.

Even at a strong conversion rate, the vast majority of visitors to your site won’t make a purchase. It’s important to get your visitors on your mailing list – it can take up to fifteen visits before someone purchases, and you can keep them coming back while building their trust. With our email marketing services, we can also keep your existing customers engaged and making repeat purchases.

We excel at keeping your website current and performing well. Let's talk.

Ongoing Optimization Projects

Loftipop homepage
Shopify Plus website for SweetHoney children's clothing boutique
Engaging email campaigns for Gather Here, a community-focused craft shoop
Custom Shopify Plus website for Simplified
Honey Bee Stamps homepage by Aeolidia
Brand identity design, custom website, and copywriting for an e-commerce baby brand
Custom Shopify web design for a fabric shop.
Mobile first website design for handmade baby clothes company.
Worthwhile Paper homepage
custom character illustration for Muddy's Bake Shop; learn more about the illustration types that we offer.
Sugar Paper homepage

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The Shopify websites we design have a reputation for substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales. Let's talk!

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