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Setting up an ecommerce site for a brick and mortar handmade tile shop.

Mercury Mosaics

Setting up an ecommerce site for a brick and mortar handmade tile shop.

The Challenge

Mercury Mosaics sells beautiful handmade tile, but their website wasn’t set up for ecommerce. It was important that they could not only sell directly online, but that the process would be seamless and easy. Their goal was a website experience that can take a consumer 2 minutes or less to get to know them and get the information they’re looking for while establishing trust and that—”yes! THIS is what I’ve been looking for!”—moment.

Our Approach

It’s important to us that we not only create a design that accommodates each client’s current needs but also one that is also flexible and scalable for the future. We honed in on creating a clean and easy-to-use destination for Mercury Mosaics that was not only a place where customers could learn about Mercury but more importantly, SHOP. Our goal with this design is to drive online “ready-made” tile orders!

Setting up an ecommerce site for a brick and mortar handmade tile shop.

Aeolidia not only created something beautiful, but they created an easy-to-understand wireframe plan for me to understand. I’m absolutely ecstatic about selling on Shopify! They’ve been instrumental in teaching my team how to become proficient at managing the back end of my store. I think one of the most-essential-things to note about Aeolidia is that they design to empower. We have a site that we are empowered to change, adapt, manipulate in real-time which is not always easy to get, but they did it.

Mercedes Austin

Mercury Mosaics
Mercedes Austin of Mercury Mosaics
A custom Shopify ecommerce site for a artisanal tile company
A custom ecommerce site for selling tile online using Shopify.
Detail of the product page for Mercury Mosaics
Detail of the product page for a tile shop.

The new design has plenty of white space for a clean and contemporary look and leans on the beautiful photography to layer in texture and warmth. We made sure colors were visible in the menu when adding tiles to the cart. A square foot quantity calculator (that allows a customer to add 10% for waste) was put together, and each tile is available to purchase samples of before making the decision to buy.

Telling the story of Mercedes’ mighty team was important to inspire customer trust, and we put their mission and values together into an inspiring package for their About page. The entire site is packed with personality, right down to the conversational contact form.

Detail from the About page for Mercury Mosaics
Detail from the About page for a brick and mortar tile shop.
Mercury Mosaics' free consultation form webpage detail.
Free consultation form webpage detail.
Detail from the design for Mercury Mosaics' tile sample packs page.
Detail from the design for a tile sample packs page.
Custom Shopify website for Mercury Mosaics
Custom Shopify website for a handmade tile shop.

Shortly after launch, Mercedes shared with us,

Last week we hit our 50th order and we sold our first order over $2K on the site. Our largest competitor is CERTAIN that you cannot sell handmade tile off a website and this site going live is the first of that gentlemanly-challenge we all have with them to pave the way of how it’s done. Shopify has told us, 3 times, that our blogs are among the top 10% of all Shopify blogs. We’ve posted 5 since launch, so this is truly awesome and very humbling! We aim to bring a lot of beauty and knowledge to this platform and be a very valuable and authoritative site.

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