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Little Truths Studio

Branding and website design for an artist.

The Challenge

Lori’s art business had been growing steadily since she began Little Truths Studio, but her website did not effectively capture everything that she offers, and while she had great photography that was reflective of the mood she wanted her brand to convey, the old website wasn’t using the photography to its full potential. Lori came to us in need of an updated brand identity and new website. Her goals were to increase the number of visitors to her website and garner more press for her business.

Our Approach

Our team provided everything that Lori needed to take Little Truths Studio to the next level of business. We created a fresh brand identity complete with logo, brand mark, social media templates and stationery designs. We then designed warm and inviting website pages that, along with professional copywriting, put Lori’s products at center stage. We developed this custom site in-house, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Acorn brand mark

When sketching ideas for the Little Truths Studio logo and alternate marks, our designer Christine kept thinking of the words “little truths.” She kept coming back to the acorn, because they are tiny treasures and a little bit magical. As an icon, the acorn works so well because it doesn’t need that much detail before you know what it is. Christine paired the acorn with leafy fern-like details, which can be seen on the secondary mark as well as additional marks.

For the typography, Christine found a wonderful typeface that is thin and airy like a modern sans serif but has imperfect hand-drawn lines. It is a wonderful contrast to Lori’s brush lettering. The spacing between letters is just right, with ample room to breathe. It is legible both large and small, and will work well for print products as well as gift items.

Logo design
Brand identity design

Together, these elements keep the Little Truths Studio brand identity simple but beautiful, organic but a little bit whimsical. The branding is rooted in meaning and strategy, and it is perfect for the Little Truths customer, who is thoughtful, intentional, and creative.

I just did a little victory lap around my office!

The process of working with Aeolidia is thorough and detailed – which can be difficult to keep up with – but worth it in the end. Admittedly the price is intimidating which is why it took me so long to take the plunge. But if I consider how much wasted time and money I spent trying to do it myself, I would have saved money in the end had I just made the investment two years ago. It was a great experience.

Lori Roberts

Little Truths Studio
Lori Roberts of Little Truths Studio
Social media template design
Social media template design.

Lori already had a popular presence on Instagram, and we were pleased to see that she’s been able to put the social media templates we created for her to good use! Instagram is one of her top-performing traffic sources, and with so many of her website visitors viewing her site on mobile devices, her new responsive Shopify site will be key to her continued success!

The new custom Shopify website has great engagement, with a good conversion rate and a lower bounce rate than the previous website. Lori’s new website gets most of its traffic from Instagram and organic search engines such as Google. Traffic from organic search has a very high conversion rate and makes up a huge percentage of Lori’s online sales and revenue.

Website design for an illustrator and art print designer
Website design for an illustrator and art print designer.

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