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A powerful Shopify website requires regular optimization

Do you have a great product and a growing customer base? The next step is a high converting site to increase return on all of your marketing efforts.

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Shopify Website Design & Development

Are you looking for an agency to help you grow your ecommerce sales? You know what makes your brand stand out and how to engage your customers. We can help you translate that to your website. We work closely with shop owners to improve sales KPIs, focusing on increasing conversion rates, average order values, and customer engagement to maximize return on investment.

Your new site will represent your brand in a way you can feel proud of: sharing your story, values, and quality. The aim is to create customer relationships that are about more than just your products. You’ll be known as a trusted resource and a community your customers choose to align themselves with.

Improve your online shop in one of three ways:

custom Shopify website for a gift shop, Sister Golden

Custom Shopify Design

With our custom Shopify design, we create one-of-a-kind aesthetics and functionality for your site. It's essential to tell the story behind what you create, why, and how. Highlight what’s special about your business with custom coded features like robust product pages that answer customer questions before they’re asked.

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Website In a Week for a stationery brand

Shopify Website In a Week

Are you looking to quickly set up a Shopify site that matches your brand and looks professional while driving more sales? Our team of experts will artfully apply your branding to our favorite premium Shopify theme, ensuring everything is set up correctly, following modern UX best practices.

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ongoing Shopify website optimization and maintenance for a craft supply brand

Ongoing Website Optimization

Having an expert team to take care of your Shopify website maintenance and strategic optimization doesn't have to involve hiring new employees or gathering a group of freelancers. Our team will help keep your website running smoothly and performing optimally, freeing up your time.

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Tactics you need

Our team of Shopify Experts specialize in:

  • Strategizing website navigation
  • Organizing various product types
  • Clarifying content strategy
  • Unifying multi-pronged shops
  • Storytelling for relatability
  • Boosting conversion rates & AOV
  • Migrating to Shopify
  • Adding ecommerce to offline shops

Let’s strategize and create a custom plan for your business. We’ve worked with more than 700 creative shop owners, so we understand your business, your customers, and your products. Get in touch

Shopify website design for Hello Adorn

Rather than hiring a single person to handle this job, then patching together a team of developers and designers on my own, I was able to sign up for the project and have a comprehensive, well-versed team collaborating to work on the project together. Working with an agency in this way was definitely the best decision for my small business. I didn’t need to manage people or the project itself to get the project done, which is something I wouldn’t have had the time or capacity to do!

Diane Sanfillipo

Balanced Bites

As a small business owner, working with a dedicated team of branding experts was invaluable. I am obsessed with the new muted, sophisticated color palette they created and would recommend them to anyone looking for a thoughtful brand refresh.

Chaz Olajide

Sir Dogwood

I imagine it’s hard to be hired as a designer to work for a designer – we have lots of opinions and are super attentive to tiny details. But all of our comments were welcomed and integrated with grace and positivity.

Shelley Barandes

Albertine Press

When you are a 100% e-commerce company, putting your trust in a team to design and build your store is everything – it was make or break. We luckily stumbled upon the Aeolidia website. Fast forward – we have a beautiful website that works very well both for us on the business side and most importantly for our customers. There isn’t a day that goes by where we (or our customers) don’t comment – wow, loving the new site! This website is saving us time (and money) because it’s so intuitive and easy to use.

Erica Finnan

Kate Ryan Skincare

I’m a small business but they took me seriously and I felt like a valued client from the very start. The new branding continues to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I actually have a feature in a regional magazine this month, and I got into a craft show that I’ve been rejected from multiple times—I almost entirely credit those to the new brand. (After I told the reporter how long I’d been in business, she said to me, “your stuff is so great, I’m surprised we haven’t featured you long ago!” which to me just speaks to how much better I am reaching my ideal customer now.)

Leah Buckley

Modern Tally
Diane Sanfillipo
Chaz Olajide
Shelley Barandes
Erica Finnan
Leah Buckley

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The Shopify websites we design have a reputation for substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales. Let's talk!

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