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SMS Marketing Strategy

Text message (SMS) communication with customers is gaining traction. You have a unique opportunity now to grow your SMS subscribers while consumers are getting used to this new communication channel. Don’t miss out on keeping your hard-won customers engaged!

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Who it’s for
  • Shops that want a head start
  • Those wanting more opens
  • Brands with engaged fans
  • Anyone with a mailing list!

What you get
  • Pro account configuration
  • List growth tactics
  • Strategy & copywriting
  • Training and tutorials

SMS Marketing Strategy Stats

SMS marketing strategy examples

We're in the early days of gathering stats, and are looking at Klaviyo's industry benchmarks. From their analysis, what you can expect to see when adding SMS to your marketing strategy is:

24x average return on investment
37% lift in revenue for abandoned carts
12% increase in Klaviyo-attributed sales
See the Gather Here email & SMS project

The Aeolidia team built our beautiful, robust, easy-to-maintain email & SMS marketing program through Klaviyo. Their team understood the technical details we would have missed if we launched on our own.

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It's time to get current with marketing and engage your customers over text

Don't let your competitors take your space in their message box

With an SMS marketing strategy, you'll find that engagement over text message is much higher than email. Almost every text sent gets read. Klaviyo email and SMS automations, segments, and best practices take a lot of research and knowhow. If you’d like to make sure yours are set up effectively, I’d strongly recommend you check in with us. These projects are designed to pay for themselves. Get in touch.

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