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Custom Shopify web design for a fabric shop.


Rebranding a fabric shop with a tool-filled site

The Challenge

DuckaDilly is a fabric studio that specializes in selling Liberty Fabrics. For this, our second full redesign project with Lesley, she wanted to take a deeper look at strategy and how to best present the brand to customers and improve sales through a better website experience. She had grown out of her existing brand identity, wanting to move toward a more sophisticated and elegant look. Overall, the goal was a clearer message about who the business is and what to expect from this fabric shop website.

Our Approach

We dove headfirst into this project, from beautiful branding and site design to complex functionality and email marketing. Fabric is sold in yardage, including two types of quarter yards (one a fat quarter). For this project, we created five types of fabric calculators, including quilt binding and backing and hexagon calculations. We love the “Tools & Supplies” on the quilt kit pages, and the thoughtful subscription pages. We also created a complex navigation menu with multiple ways of shopping the same type of product. We have been providing ongoing support since 2015.

Fabric styling and photography by Aeolidia for DuckaDilly online fabric shop.
Product styling and photography by Aeolidia.
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Homepage design for a fabric shop website, featuring categories, products, and blog posts.
Homepage design for a fabric shop website, featuring categories, products, and blog posts. We quickly tell the story, provide multiple entry points to the shop, and share testimonials.

Signing on again with Aeolidia was the best decision for our business. Working with you both individually and as a team, you all bring such unique talent, perspective, and skill to the process. Everything from gaining more understanding about our analytics and customers, to creating a new, more sophisticated branding, we feel like we are taking an important step forward as a business.

Lesley McWilliams

Leslie McWilliams headshot.

So many calculators! Quilters can figure out exactly how much fabric they need using the following calculators we coded into the site:

  • Meters & Yards
  • Charm Square
  • Hexagon Area
  • Quilt Binding
  • Quilt Backing

These are gathered on the Fabric Calculators page, and they include friendly tips and example illustrations and photos, to take the confusion out of planning a quilt.

Removing friction for your customers is a smart way to increase sales.

The product page allows customers to choose whether they’re shopping for yardage or purchasing fat quarters (a yard cut into a 2×2 grid, instead of a yard cut into four wide strips).

Our product page also allows customers to save fabrics, using wishlist functionality, so they can more easily plan a project. The site shows exactly how many yards remain in stock.

Fabric yardage feature coded for ecommerce, creating a stellar, tool-filled ecommerce experience.
custom ecommerce subscriptions page for a fabric shop website

The subscriptions page allows customers to choose a fabric bundle to receive regularly by post.

Brand guidelines for DuckaDilly Fabrics.

Brand guidelines for DuckaDilly Fabrics.
Fabric styling and photography for a fabric shop website, DuckaDilly.
“Hero shot” styling and photography by Aeolidia.

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