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Name Stories

Designing a brand and creating evocative photography for an art print brand.

The Challenge

The Name Stories team had used Etsy as a “testing ground” to gain proof-of-concept and learn from their customers. They knew they had a desirable product and that their customers loved them. Their challenge was to get off Etsy and to relaunch with a new name, branding and website.

Our Approach

There is nothing the Aeolidia team loves more than to start fresh for a business and be able to create a strategic brand from the ground up. We were with Name Stories through their renaming and rebranding, to a custom Shopify website that allows for customization of personalized art prints.

Logo design for an art print brand
The primary mark is type-based, because, after all, it’s all about the words. The font is vintage storybook inspired, but not old fashioned or stuffy. The word mark is paired with an antique key icon. The key, of course, is significant. Name Stories’ prints unlock insight and meaning behind each child’s name. Antique keys are treasures on their own, just like their artwork is.
logo and brand identity for an art shop
Name Stories brand mark

Our product can almost be defined by its uniqueness. In the words of our customers, “there is nothing out there quite like it” and “one-of-a-kind.”  The idea of FIRST NAMES and their corresponding MEANINGS (i.e., linguistic word-origin, also known as its “etymology”) is not an original concept. What is original about our name prints, however, is how we take it a step further. We bring the name to life by telling the story of its movement and celebration through time.

Julie Hackett
Order insert design for an art site
The logo starts with classic typography, paired with a simple illustration. With the addition of some playful, vintage-inspired details, the resulting identity reflects the authenticity, heart and soul behind this art print brand.
Illustrations for a baby name brand
Together, the branding is warm and charming, but not cutesy or overly sweet. It is simple enough that it will play well with the products and art work, but the branding details have depth and evoke joy. Customers won’t be able to resist!

Wow! Beautiful work. I especially love, love, LOVE the vintage key touch. You really nailed that. And I love the more artistic “N” with the storybook-inspired images inside (it’s sweet, warm and charming).  Overall it really does speak to my target customer but without excluding the opportunity for a more general audience.

Julie Hackett

Name Stories
Julie Hackett of Name Stories
Art print photography for baby's nursery
Photography is important for Name Stories in showing who the prints are for, so Jen on our team created photos with a blank white card, allowing Name Stories to drop different art prints in different styles and colors into each shot.
Space traveler custom stock photo backdrop for Name Stories to drop their name artwork into.
Nursery art print photography
Same photo, showing the artwork dropped in.
Playful chalk rocket art print photography
Custom stock photo, rocket layout
Tween design art print photography
Custom stock photo, sweet tween layout
Unisex desktop layout art print photography
Custom stock photo, entrepreneur’s desk layout
beauty layout art print photography
Custom stock photo, beauty layout
nursery art print photography
Custom stock photo, baby/nursery layout
tween crafty art print photography
Custom stock photo, crafty tween layout
Name Stories website design
Website design for an art print brand. While putting the web design together, we aimed for user-friendly, inviting, and artistic. The site design features the storybook -inspired branding elements: bold typography, illustrative elements, and a pop of color.
Art print branding and packaging design

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