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Street mural featuring visual design for a specialty garden store.


Web design for a garden store leads to 7x ROI in first 6 months

The Challenge

GRDN is a beloved specialty garden and home store located in Brooklyn. Amidst the busyness of city life, this calm space helps urban gardeners reconnect to nature. After more than 15 years of operating as a brick-and-mortar, owner Susanne Kongoy wanted the shop’s online space to reflect the experience of being in the store while driving more online and in-person sales.

Our Approach

We created a new visual design for the brand, then translated the new logo, patterns, and palettes into a redesigned Shopify site that would more effectively bring the in-store feel of the shop to the online realm. New copy for the site’s Home, About, and internal pages further showcased the key elements that make GRDN such a unique place.

GRDN - mobile design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN home page design.
GRDN - logo design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN logo design.
GRDN Brand guide with logo, colour palette, typography, and pattern design.
GRDN brand styleguide.

We focused on expanding GRDN’s visual brand language in a direction that felt true to its roots while still taking it to a new level. Susanne was drawn to limited but bold color palettes, organic shapes, and clean modern type. By refreshing some of the green tones in GRDN’s former logo and marrying those with more modern colors, we were able to create a logo that felt cohesive yet expansive. This approach allowed a lot of flexibility with which to create patterns, icons, and other visual assets.

GRDN - hang tag packaging design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN hang tags design.
GRDN - homepage design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN homepage.

We designed a new online space for GRDN focused on using nature to inspire customers to want to return to the site to see what’s going on at the store. The concept features a well organized responsive layout, clean typography and a rich color palette to showcase nature as the true star. By allowing GRDN’s lush photography to shine while making the shopping experience seamless, the site appeals to the store’s affluent, urban customers with modern tastes. Editorial photography shots paired with engaging copy are meant to keep customers scrolling and encourage clicks—and ultimately, purchases.

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Susanne Kongoy

Susanne Kongoy of GRDN
Print design featuring the GRDN logo.
GRDN print design.

GRDN - mobile design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN mobile site design.
GRDN - pattern design for a specialty garden and home store.
GRDN pattern design.

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