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Needle Sharp - brand and web design for online subscription sewing kit service.

Needle Sharp

Custom website & branding for a sewing subscription box

The Challenge

Needle Sharp offers monthly sewing subscription boxes, fabrics, patterns, and kits. Founder Mary Grabenstatter came to us to make her website a reliable source of income, and decrease customer service for subscriptions. She wanted her site to feel right: conveying what the company represents as a brand, easy to navigate, memorable, worth returning to.

Our Approach

Starting with Mary’s existing logo, we improved and expanded on the branding. We worked as a team to design an easy-to-navigate site that inspires and delights customers. The updated branding gives the site a modern but approachable feel. Customers will become loyal followers as they explore Needle Sharp’s kits and fabric, and subscribe to the boxes.

Scrolling home page of a sewing and fabric brand design
Home page design
Custom Website & Branding for a Sewing Subscription Box
We introduced a refreshed brand identity that included a polished logo, new typography, a friendly color scheme, and graphic details that enhanced the brand’s look while staying familiar to their already loyal customers.
Website design, interior pages
Shopify web design for a fabric store: collections, products, subscriptions.

Aeolidia has the expertise to guide a craft business through the design process. Their knowledge of the sewing world was invaluable to my site as they could make informed decisions for my exact audience.

Mary Grabenstatter

Needle Sharp
Needle Sharp - headshot of Mary Grabenstatter.
Headshot of Mary Grabenstatter.
Logo Design for Online Subscription Sewing Kit Service Redesigning Brand & Shopify Site
Needle Sharp already had a logo they loved. We refreshed the primary mark making the letters uniform and adding a little more space. The refresh elevated the logo while keeping it familiar to their sewist customers.
Needle Sharp - pattern designs for online subscription sewing kit service.
Pattern design for online subscription sewing kit service.

Our “mid-century garden” pattern is more lifestyle than crafty, and was designed to bring joy and inspiration to Needle Sharp’s customers.

Home page showing subscription options
Subscription option design for a sewing kit brand.
Custom ReCharge portal design
Custom ReCharge portal design, allowing customers to manage their subscriptions.
Close up of product page details fabric drape slider
We included a visual to let people know the drape of each fabric, so they could easily make decisions for their particular sewing project.
Subscription product details design
Closeup on detail of what’s included in each subscription box.
Icon Designs for Online Subscription Sewing Kit Service Redesigning Brand & Shopify Site
We rounded out the branding with clean iconography featuring fabric, scissors, and other sewing supplies.

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