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Website In a Day

Aeolidia is at a place now where we can work on some lightning fast projects with a lower investment (some people call these VIP Days). At the moment, we have limited availability for single-day projects. If you could use some help from my industry-expert team, let’s take a day to make some real change for your business!

I am offering:

Website In a Day

$7500 (normally we charge $25k and up)

Who this is for

This service is for you if you have a Shopify site with the features you need, and want it to match your brand, look more professional, and make more sales. What we will do is redesign your website by applying your branding to our favorite premium Shopify theme. And we’ll get it done with you in a day! There will be some prep before and help after, but your time communicating with us and getting it all set up will happen on a single day.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A well-designed website using Aeolidia’s UX best practices, developed over years of experience. You’ll bypass the common mistakes we see on websites over and over.
  • Our help making sure everything on your end (your settings, products, collections, and content) adheres to best practices and is set up correctly.
  • All the tutorials and guides we give to to Aeolidia clients that hire us to create fully custom sites.
  • All this done in one day, leaving you time to run your business!
  • Two weeks of email support after launch to ensure your new site is shipshape.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Shopify site that’s up and running for customers and generally working the way you want it to. If you don’t have one now (for instance, you’d like to move from another ecommerce platform), you can start the project by getting yourself completely set up on Shopify with their base theme, then we’ll come in and make everything just right.
  2. A complete brand identity (example). If you don’t have this, let’s start with a brand design day (another quick and affordable offering to go along with this)! You’ll need:
    1. a main logo
    2. alternate logos for different applications
    3. typography (webfonts for body, headlines, and feature text)
    4. a color palette
    5. graphic elements to make your site special, which could include seamlessly repeating patterns, illustrations, and/or icons

Is this a good fit for you?

Aeolidia creates fully custom sites over 5-8 months, and we customize themes over 3-5 months. With these services, we can do a lot for you and create a site that works just how you want it to, including all kinds of special features for different business models. The “website in a day” service is meant for business owners that don’t have complicated needs, unusual business models, or special sections of the site.

This project won’t be a good fit for you if you need help with:

  • Customizable products with many options or that need a preview tool
  • Subscription boxes
  • Enough SKUs or product collections that would require a full navigation strategy meeting with our team
  • Setting up and customizing apps
  • A special business model (fabric yardage, wholesale, pickup and delivery options, digital products, selling classes or services)
  • Design of special pages on the site (portfolios, portals, timelines, calendars, stockists lists)

It’s okay if you have any of the above, if it’s already set up and doesn’t need changes. We can’t step in and modify the look or functionality of these things in a day. For more complex projects, let’s talk about our custom website design or theme website design services.

I’m not sure if and when we’ll be able to offer this again, so let’s connect now. If you are interested in the Website In a Day service, let us know by filling out our form:

I look forward to learning more about how we can improve your online shop!

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