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Website design for planner company

The Challenge

Founded by a Certified Life Coach, MäksēLife offers goal-setting planners and a membership community. They needed a website that communicated all the nuances of their offerings while maintaining a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Our Approach

We created one of our most highly-customized theme set-ups including unique graphic additions to the homepage, custom type treatments throughout, product page customization, and a membership page with a subscription app.

Homepage design for a planner company's ecommerce shop
Homepage design that conveys all of MäksēLife’s unique offerings.
Conversion Rate Increase
Average Order Value Increase
Revenue per User Increase

The product pages were a unique challenge with every planner needing specific features to be called out. We created icons and metafields for specific product options.

The ClubMäksē section of the website received a major overhaul and a lot of copywriting finesse to condense all the information about this membership group into a single page. We added a subscription app to make sign-ups a breeze.

Mäksēlife launched their 2023 collection a few days after the new site went live. A month and a half later, the conversion rate was 191% higher and the average order value was 45% higher than the period before the launch.

Even after the exceptional product launch day, when the conversion rate spiked as high as 16.5%(!!), the new website is performing so much better. After the spike, the conversion rate is still 75% higher than the old site, AOV is 21% higher, and the revenue per user is 126% higher. These improvements will continue to pay off for Mäksēlife during big product launches as well as every other day of the year.

Product pages are optimized for mobile shopping.

We created an engaging, in-depth about page which includes the step-by-step process for using the goal-planning system and a highly customized meet the team section.

My team and I were so impressed with Aeolidia every step of the way. They are incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and so incredibly organized. They made the pain-staking process of revamping an entire website easy and manageable. It felt like a big investment at first, and as soon as we started the project, it was apparent you get top-notch service and care the entire way… I just wish we had made the investment sooner. Thank you Aeolodia!! Our website and messaging finally showcases the heart and soul of our business and has not only increased sales and conversions, but has also improved the outreach and connection to our target audience!

Sierra Friend

Sierra Friend, Founder of MäksēLife and Aeolidia client

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