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Homepage for Farsports, a cutting-edge manufacturer of carbon cycling components.


Website for a cutting-edge manufacturer of carbon cycling components.

The Challenge

Farsports came to us wanting to improve their existing ecommerce site which was built on a headless infrastructure and was difficult to update. They were looking to increase sales, manage customer relationships, and work better with distributors and dealers. The brand has a lot of distributors in Asia, but has only recently started marketing in North America and Europe. They need an ecommerce website that is engaging, easy to navigate, and establishes trust with their target market of elite cyclists.

Our Approach

Our customized theme website involved reversing a headless site and moving back to a full-featured native theme, which improves speed and makes updating the site much easier. Some of the key features we added were a mega menu, a review app integration, and a special add-on feature to the handlebar product page. Customer testimonials, pro athlete endorsements, and independent reviews are featured on the homepage, establishing that Farsports is a premium brand.

We designed an engaging homepage for Farsports that speaks to elite cyclists.
We designed an engaging homepage for Farsports that speaks to their niche clientele.
Farsports product page
Previously confusing variant selection was streamlined with selection boxes and conditional logic.
product page for Farsports includes a sophisticated add-on feature

Presented with a complex opportunity to boost order value, our team developed an elegant solution by creating a custom add-on feature with multiple variants based on conditional logic.

OMG this is so awesome!!! It blows my mind how clean this looks and the functionality is so nice!

Robin Li

Farsports logo
website typography for  manufacturer of carbon cycling components reflects their high-performing wheels
Our designer worked with Farsports to dial in their branding and select the perfect fonts that reflect their powerful, high-performing wheels.
mobile view of Shopify website for a  manufacturer of carbon cycling components
Mobile views of Farsports homepage.

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