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Lee Brevard website designed by Aeolidia

Lee Brevard

Revitalizing an iconic brand for ecommerce success.

The Challenge

Lee Brevard, renowned for their distinctive blend of organic elegance and rebellious glamour in high-end jewelry design, approached us with a unique challenge. With a 40-year legacy as a trailblazing brand, Lee Brevard sought to bridge the gap between their iconic status and their online presence. Despite steady growth, the studio recognized that their digital footprint did not reflect the soulful essence and edgy charisma that defined their jewelry line. They acknowledged the need for a strategic partner to propel their brand into the digital era.

Our Approach

Through meticulous brand strategy and identity design, we captured the essence of Lee Brevard’s aesthetic and crafted a tagline that resonated with their audience. Leveraging a Premium Shopify theme, we curated an immersive online environment, blending captivating design with intuitive functionality to engage visitors. Our approach included comprehensive app integrations, SEO, and email marketing strategy, which provided Lee Brevard with the essential tools and infrastructure to excel in the digital landscape.

Lee Brevard homepage
Homepage design for Lee Brevard.
Shopify website for Lee Brevard

The mobile-optimized website conveys the brand’s unique creative vision.

The custom About page delves into the brand’s legacy.

custom about page design
blog design for Lee Brevard

Lee Brevard’s blog is a peek behind the scenes — revealing the moments when their iconic pieces steal the spotlight in movies and TV shows. The grid of polaroids captures the vibe perfectly.

custom email newsletter template design for Lee Brevard
Custom email newsletter template design for Lee Brevard.

brand style guide for Lee Brevard
Brand guide for Lee Brevard. Like the jewelry itself that looks best when mixed, matched, and layered, we sourced fonts and created brand elements that can be used together throughout the Lee Brevard’s marketing.

tagline for an edgy jewelry brand

Tagline for Lee Brevard: Sparking Revolution Since 1979.

The brand logo seal compliments the edgy vibe of the brand’s editorial photography.

brand logo seal
Branding for a jewelry brand.
Lee Brevard came to us with the primary logo and we built upon that, designing elements and additional marks.

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