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Customized website, branding, and photography for a retro-inspired stationery and gift brand

Rainbow Vision

Customized website, branding, and photography for a retro-inspired stationery brand.

The Challenge

Rainbow Vision creates print goods with bold and retro-inspired original artwork made especially for the creative and inquisitive person. Leela came to us with the challenge of designing playful branding that’s intriguing, but also stands the test of time. In addition, she wanted a website that is user friendly, fun to use, and memorable with a higher conversion rate and increase in retail sales revenue.

Our Approach

We began by designing a logo with bold, wavy letters that embody the mystical spirit of Rainbow Vision. For the website, we were inspired to create a playful shopping experience that sparks curiosity and keeps customers scrolling. Details like vintage-inspired photography and a spectrum of colors introduce the brand’s personality, while also creating organization and an easy-to-browse space.

Bold and colorful style guide for a retro-inspired stationery brand.
Vintage-inspired photography with lots of texture, color, and retro props.

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Leela Hoehn

Rainbow Vision
Leela Hoehn
Illustrations and icons in a hand-drawn style for a paper goods shop.
Logo design for a planner brand.
Additional logo graphic to expand brand identity.
Gold foil makes the logo pop.

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