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Shopify website for Nice Enough Stickers

Nice Enough

Retail and wholesale websites for an artist-led sticker brand.

The Challenge

Nice Enough Stickers experienced rapid growth in their wholesale business, leading to cracks in their communication strategy and neglect of their direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel. Recognizing the need for a more customer-centric approach and better tools to serve all customer segments, they sought to expand their market, increase conversion rate, and enhance their website to better reflect their brand’s personality.

Our Approach

We began with a thorough SEO audit to pinpoint improvement areas across both wholesale and retail websites. Crafting engaging copy for the website’s key pages ensured alignment with the brand’s identity. Our email marketing strategy, featuring automated flows, on-brand copywriting, and custom-designed newsletter templates, aimed to boost customer engagement.

fun and engaging homepage for a sticker brand
Nice Enough’s homepage is customer-focused and packed with personality.

I decided to hire an agency because I wanted an outside vision, people with more experience than me, an objective perspective, and the power of a team at work.

I went down a rabbit hole on your website about Klaviyo. Seeing how one can use buying data, segment customer information to better serve them, and the tools Klaviyo offers to execute on the data it creates was eye-opening.

It also left a pit in my stomach, realizing significant gaps in our current approach.

newsletter flows for Nice Enough stickers
Automated flows for retail and wholesale newsletters help streamline the marketing workflow and obtain new subscribers. We added a checkbox to subscribe potential retailers in his wholesale application form, saving Biff a ton of time from hunting down email addresses from his sales reps.
wholesale product page includes case pack and order minimum functionality
Wholesale product pages include case pack and order minimum functionality.

As I dug deeper, more gaps appeared when I realized our wholesale website did not give us the data or tools to serve our wholesalers better.

I want our touch points to reflect EVERY customer we serve, both the individuals who proudly display our artwork on their favorite possessions and independent retailers who celebrate individuality.

We believe creating success for our customers leads to our success. We were excited to work with an agency that thinks similarly and is always trying better to understand our customers’ needs and pain points.

Biff Ulm, Nice Enough
About page for Nice Enough
Carefully crafted, on-brand copywriting for the About page features humorous storytelling to convey the brand’s vision and ethos.
product page for an artist-led sticker brand
Product pages highlight the unique benefits of Nice Enough’s stickers in a fun, compelling way and the mix-and-match volume discount increases average order value.

Aeolidia is hands down the best creative team I have ever worked with. Each person came to the project with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Beyond their utmost professionalism, every decision was based on research, experience, and sound business principles designed to produce a real-world return on investment. They met or exceeded every expectation and are phenomenal communicators.

Biff Ulm

Nice Enough
Biff Ulm, founder of Nice Enough Stickers

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