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Meenal Patel website theme for an artist, illustrator, and writer. This post shares our top product-based business strategy.

Meenal Patel

Website theme for an artist, illustrator, and writer.

The Challenge

Meenal Patel is an artist, illustrator, and writer with a multi-channel business based on her art and rooted in her values. She wanted to attract her audience away from her Etsy shop and onto her own website, where she could have better control over her brand, lower fees, and an inspiring shopping experience. Her goal was to build a deeper connection with visitors and keep them coming back by connecting them with her brand’s story.

Our Approach

Details were important to Meenal and she wanted a cohesive look and an online store that would provide a better user experience than Etsy. We created a theme that was graphic and warm and with a minimal color palette that let Meenal’s colorful art be the focus. The website was designed to be relatable, joyful, and inviting, while organizing the many facets of Meenal’s work and putting her story at the forefront.

Meenal Patel website theme for an artist, illustrator, and writer.
Meenal Patel wanted a website homepage that showcased her brand’s story alongside her products.
Scrolling gif of Meenal Patel website homepage for an artist, illustrator, and writer.
Meenal wanted customers to quickly understand the breadth of her products. As an an artist, illustrator, and writer, her website needed a clean and clear template that was able to showcase the entire breadth of her work to new visitors and to those who came to the site knowing her only as an author.

The whole team that I worked with at Aeolidia was delightful. Each person from project manager to designer to developer to UI was an expert within their specialty and understood the specific considerations for a small retail business with multiple facets.

Meenal Patel

Artist, illustrator, children’s book author
Headshot of artist, illustrator, and children’s book author Meenal Patel.
Product collection page of art prints for an artist's website.
Product collection page.

With a growing list of products for sale, a well-organized navigation and meaningful content segmentation was key. Art prints are organized by theme to connect with customers and take them on a shared journey.

Product detail pages give shoppers a closer look at the products and art, offer additional details, and have customizable options, like background color, print size, and quantity. Some products even offer sliding scale pricing (inspired by artist Clare Elsaesser) to offer some accessibility those with lower income and wealth.

Product detail page for an artist's website theme.
Product detail page.
Mobile friendly website theme for an artist, illustrator, and writer, Meenal Patel.
Like all Aeolidia websites, Meenal Patel’s theme was built to be mobile-friendly, giving visitors the same joyful shopping experience across desktops and phones.

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