Print design is an important extension of your brand identity. Even businesses that sell online and are, for the most part, digital, will want some physical manifestations of their brand identity. Particularly an ecommerce business that is trying to make an impression through the mail.

Some business print design to include in your project are business card design, business stationery design (envelopes and letterhead, thank you cards and return address labels), and advertising materials, such as promotional postcards.

You’ll also want to put some love into your customer’s unboxing experience, including custom mailing boxes, branded tissue paper, logo packing tape, stamps, stickers, and more.

If you plan to attend a trade show, craft fair, market, or in-person event, what tangible marketing materials will you want to bring? We can also help out with catalogs, line sheets, brochures, magnets, and pins. Call on the Aeolidia team to bring these to life.

Take a look out our print design projects below, or check out our list of recommended printers and packaging companies.

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