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Brand design for a soap company

Whispering Willow

Brand identity and website design for a natural apothecary line.

The Challenge

Whispering Willow is a handcrafted apothecary product line that prides itself on being sustainable, natural, and beautiful. Owners Julia and Wayne came to us in 2018 needing new branding that would help them stand out in a now crowded market. They wanted to ensure a simple, clean, and cohesive design that would be consistent throughout all their brand touchpoints. Overjoyed with the results, they returned to Aeolidia in 2021 for a full website redesign.

Our Approach

We worked with Whispering Willow to create a warm, kind, and approachable brand with a hint of whimsy. We developed a new hand-drawn logo, custom hand-lettered font, print materials, and packaging designs for their soaps, lip balm, and gift box. We drew from this brand aesthetic to build a refreshed website that balances the retail and wholesale sides of their business and encourages loyalty, while sharing their message of mindfulness and self-care.

Whispering Willow - scrolling video of about page design for a natural apothecary line.
Desktop view of About page website design.
revenue increase
mobile conversion rate increase
email marketing revenue
Logo design for Whispering Willow with tagline “Mindful apothecary products.”

For the apothecary logo, we were inspired to create a hand-drawn style tree and logotype that has an organic yet clean quality. For the brand mark, we created a simplified version of a weeping willow that felt warm and inviting but also clean and modern. The hand-drawn willow icon is symmetrical and beautiful, with the leaves surrounding the trunk evoking the feeling of a warm embrace. The thin line style is delicate and has a “whisper” feel in its gentle curves and little leaves.

Whispering Willow brand guide - logos, brand mark, typography, colors, patterns, graphic elements.
Brand guide.
Mobile product page design - website design for a natural apothecary line.
Product page design.
Whispering Willow - email newsletter template design for a natural apothecary line.
Email newsletter template design.
Whispering Willow - mobile website design for a natural apothecary line.
Mobile design.

Our sales for the rebrand year grew 40%+ over the prior year. It is hard for us to separate how much of our growth during that time was due strictly to the rebrand as we were steadily delving into the wholesale market; however, our typical growth had been around 20% year over year. With that in mind, we feel confident that the rebrand played a significant role in our success.

Julia & Wayne

Whispering Willow
Whispering Willow - headshot of Julia and Wayne.
Headshot of Whispering Willow founders Julia & Wayne.
Business card design for a natural apothecary line.
Business card design.
Whispering Willow - postcard design for a natural apothecary line.
Postcard design.
Whispering Willow - salve packaging design for a natural apothecary line.
Salve packaging design.
Chapstick packaging design with Whispering Willow logo and leaf motif illustrations.
Chapstick packaging design.
Whispering Willow - portfolio box packaging design for a natural apothecary line.
Portfolio box packaging design.
Whispering Willow - bath salt and soap packaging design for a natural apothecary line.
Bath salt and soap packaging design.

The custom hand-lettered font style is thin and clean but contains an organic and warm quality through the imperfections in the letterforms.

Custom hand-drawn font design paired with a leaf motif.
Custom font design.

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