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Shopify Plus

When you’re on Shopify Plus, your high volume of traffic means that your content, features, and functionality can have a big effect — both positively and negatively. It doesn’t make sense to keep a high-traffic site stagnant. That’s why we start your project with an analysis of your data to uncover what’s working well, what’s not working, and any missed opportunities.

General advice for high traffic or enterprise-level stores doesn’t necessarily work for design-focused brands. You’ll find that Aeolidia’s team, including a full time Ecommerce Strategist, will understand your business in a way most agencies don’t. For creative brands, research and strategy must be balanced with design and branding expertise. You’ve found the dream team that combines the two, and you will have a team of our specialists strategizing collaboratively for your site.

For Shopify Plus sites, we focus on site speed, we develop custom features that work for your unique business, and we pay attention to the details. Your team is skilled at marketing and promoting the brand. We build functionality cleanly, and make the site easy for you to update in your own admin. Nothing’s hidden and you’re never forced to rely on us to keep your site updated. Your success is our success, and we’re here to pull the levers that make for a more profitable Shopify Plus website.

Are you still on a basic Shopify plan, or using another ecommerce platform? Learn more about when and why to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

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