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Designer (and Aeolidia client) Kristen Drozdowski in her Worthwhile Paper studio

Designer (and Aeolidia client) Kristen Drozdowski of Worthwhile Paper

Looking for an expert Shopify partner to handle your project and be invested in your goals?

Here's what sets Aeolidia apart:

A collaborative team of ecommerce specialists, with a well-balanced blend of design + strategy + technical skill.

Active and respected in the Shopify community with a deep network to solve complex technical problems for you.

Well established in the designer & artisan niche, so your business model makes perfect sense to us.

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Custom Shopify Design & Branding for Design-y Businesses


Rebranding a fabric shop with a tool-filled site

“Signing on again with Aeolidia was the best decision for our business. Working with you both individually and as a team, you all bring such unique talent, perspective, and skill to the process. Everything from gaining more understanding about our analytics and customers, to creating a new, more sophisticated branding, we feel like we are taking an important step forward as a business.”

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Kate Ryan Skincare

Taking a natural skincare brand to the next level

A contemporary rebranding and website redesign resulting in higher conversion rates.

desktop conversion rate increase
mobile conversion rate increase
revenue increase
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Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration

Custom Shopify website design for a renowned artist and illustrator

“I avoided creating a new website for a long time, even though I knew I needed one. Aeolidia worked to make the process as organized and simple as possible. They made the complicated aspects feel manageable. I'm so happy with my new site, and working with Aeolidia was worth every penny and minute of my time.”

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Trusted Designers for These Brands & More

Rather than hiring a single person to handle this job, then patching together a team of developers and designers on my own, I was able to sign up for the project and have a comprehensive, well-versed team collaborating to work on the project together. Working with an agency in this way was definitely the best decision for my small business. I didn’t need to manage people or the project itself to get the project done, which is something I wouldn’t have had the time or capacity to do!

Diane Sanfillipo

Balanced Bites Case Study

As a small business owner, working with a dedicated team of branding experts was invaluable. I am obsessed with the new muted, sophisticated color palette they created and would recommend them to anyone looking for a thoughtful brand refresh.

Chaz Olajide

Sir Dogwood Case Study

I imagine it’s hard to be hired as a designer to work for a designer – we have lots of opinions and are super attentive to tiny details. But all of our comments were welcomed and integrated with grace and positivity.

Shelley Barandes

Albertine Press Case Study

When you are a 100% e-commerce company, putting your trust in a team to design and build your store is everything – it was make or break. We luckily stumbled upon the Aeolidia website. Fast forward – we have a beautiful website that works very well both for us on the business side and most importantly for our customers. There isn’t a day that goes by where we (or our customers) don’t comment – wow, loving the new site! This website is saving us time (and money) because it’s so intuitive and easy to use.

Erica Finnan

Kate Ryan Skincare Case Study

I’m a small business but they took me seriously and I felt like a valued client from the very start. The new branding continues to be the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I actually have a feature in a regional magazine this month, and I got into a craft show that I’ve been rejected from multiple times—I almost entirely credit those to the new brand. (After I told the reporter how long I’d been in business, she said to me, “your stuff is so great, I’m surprised we haven’t featured you long ago!” which to me just speaks to how much better I am reaching my ideal customer now.)

Leah Buckley

Modern Tally
Diane Sanfillipo
Chaz Olajide
Shelley Barandes
Erica Finnan
Leah Buckley

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