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Take Your Brick and Mortar Online

Have You Been In Business For Years, But You Wouldn’t Know It From Your Website?

If your online store doesn’t represent your in-person experience, it’s doing you a disservice.


Whether you’ve owned your brick and mortar store for years, have recently become the owner of an established business, or you’re new to in-person retail, it’s important to also have a strong ecommerce presence. Let’s talk about how to take your brick and mortar online without all the muss, fuss, and research of trying to figure it out yourself.

Brick and mortar shops are a vibrant part of their local communities. We think it’s important for an in-person shop’s online presence to be up to date and show the personality of the business, just the same as when you’re in the store. You don’t want locals who are new to your shop to get a bad impression, and imagine if you could reach thousands of customers outside of your neighborhood. What would that do for your business?

We are experts at taking brick and mortar businesses online, and can also help you out if you do trunk shows, pop up shops, craft fairs, art galleries. Let’s add some online to your offline business!

“We were so moved by how cohesive the site looks that we have decided to consider it a third store that will be ‘turned’ as well. You have put so many lovely elements in it that we realized pretty quickly that we couldn’t look at it as just a sales site, it is a store and it needs to nurtured and maintained as one. So now, as we move forward with marketing, we will be considering that and keeping that in mind to bring the best we can with content and design to this lovely little spot on the internet.”

Chelsea Shukov, Sugar Paper (read more about this project)

You know how to get people in the door of your physical location, but how do you find customers online? You may have a lot of SKUs, and are worried about the work needed to upload all the data. What about writing copy and taking photographs of all that you have in store? We’re here to help with content, explain the technology, and make sure you feel comfortable with how it all works.

What about inventory and point of sale? You can learn more about Shopify’s POS here, or keep on using the one you’re familiar with.

We started a site on our own because of COVID and it’s just sad and boring and unorganized. We are an incredibly unique brick and mortar bead shop open for nearly 30 years. We remain open only 5 days a week, to give our employees rest, but we need to offset this with website sales, which are terrible.

From a request we received this year

Some of the things we can do to help you take your brick and mortar online

  • Nail down, revamp, or flesh out a brand identity that will work online
  • Design a professional new site that’s perfectly on-brand and tells your story
  • Set up all the shopping features and functionality you need, including store pickup, local delivery, and gift cards
  • Sync everything with your POS, or set you up with Shopify’s POS
  • Import your SKUs and product information
  • Help with copywriting on your home page, about page, and product pages
  • Make sure you’re gathering customer info for email and SMS marketing
  • Allow you to sell and schedule in-store classes or events
  • Help you grow traffic to your own site and find new customers outside of your local area
  • …and more! This post on our site talks about many of the things you need to consider when pivoting your brick and mortar to ecommerce

Let’s do this now! We are quite flexible with options when helping you get your brick and mortar online: from quick and simple setup starting with a favored premium theme to a completely custom site from scratch. Get rates for our Shopify services, and all of our other services below:

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