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Sir Dogwood - shopping bag design for a pet supply store.

Sir Dogwood

Logo design and branding for a pet supply store.

The Challenge

Sir Dogwood is a pet supply store that features a highly curated selection of quality dog wear, toys and accessories from the freshest and most innovative designers around the world. As an umbrella retailer that sells products from many different companies, they wanted to make sure that their own branding stood out. They wanted a new look, copy, and newsletter design that would increase conversions while projecting a cohesive brand that put customers in the mindset of spoiling their dog.

Our Approach

We worked with Chaz of Sir Dogwood to give her brand the sophisticated yet edgy makeover it needed. The logo design features a refined dog wearing a crown, a nod to the company’s target consumer, who treats their dog like royalty. The color-heavy palette is muted enough to let the products stand out while having just enough oomph to stand on its own. Fashion-inspired patterns complete a look that has understated elegance with an edge.

Our Roles

Logo design for a pet supply store.
Logo featuring a dog with a crown and a rich taupe-gold color palette.
Brand guide for a pet supply store - logos, colors, typography, textures, patterns.
Brand guide with logos, color palette, typography, texture, and patterns.
Multi-color logo designs for Sir Dogwood - taupe, gold, dark brown.
Multi-color logo designs in taupe, gold, and a dark, rich brown.

As a small business owner, working with a dedicated team of branding experts was invaluable. I am obsessed with the new muted, sophisticated color palette they created and would recommend them to anyone looking for a thoughtful brand refresh.

Chaz Olajide

Sir Dogwood
Sir Dogwood - headshot of Chaz Olajide.
Headshot of Sir Dogwood owner, Chaz Olajide.
Alternate logo designs - taglines: “where pup culture lives,” “Sir Dogwood Chicago Amsterdam.”
Alternate logo designs featuring refined, yet playful taglines.
Stamp design - logo design and branding for a pet supply store.
Window design with Sir Dogwood logo and tagline “where pup culture lives.”

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