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Shopify Migration Services

Have You Outgrown Your Website?

If it’s holding you back, now is the time to get unstuck


Have you been thinking about making the switch to Shopify? Maybe your business has been around long enough that you are still on a legacy platform or suffering with an outdated site – you’re finding that Magento, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, or WooCommerce are no longer serving your needs. Or you need to build a site that gives you independence from a marketplace, like Etsy or Amazon. Aeolidia offers an array of Shopify migration services to take away the headache and get you up and running right away!

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform, and you can work with us to help you move your site to increase sales and save you time on the back end.

Our current website was never meant to function as an online shop but with the pandemic we started adding as many items as we could to supplement sales. I would like to develop that side of the business more.

From a request we received this year

How is Shopify better than BigCommerce, Magento, or other ecommerce software?

Since Magento is self-hosted, you’re responsible for hosting costs, server speed, and security. It can also be hard to make changes to your site without having an internal development team. Shopify is more affordable and modern than Magento. Get the rundown of differences between Shopify and Magento here. With BigCommerce, you are missing out on some Shopify features like the many sales channels and integrations, the POS software, and a more flexible store editor. Get the rundown of differences between Shopify and BigCommerce here.

How is Shopify better than WordPress, Squarespace, or other site builders?

If your website is hosted on a platform that wasn’t originally meant for ecommerce, you may find that keeping it updated is more work than you’d like. On an ecommerce platform that isn’t ideal, you may be struggling with back end apps, doing too much work manually, or not being able to present your products in the way you want. Your site may be glitchy or buggy, and need to be completely rebuilt with modern technology. We’ve had clients whose site has crashed every time they’ve released new products. You don’t have to live like this! You can start a free trial of Shopify here. Then, if it looks like the solution for you, let’s get together and make sure it’s done right.

How is Shopify better than Etsy or Amazon?

On a marketplace, you’ll find your success is often dependent on their marketing or algorithm, and they’re sending your customers to your competitors. You’ll have to share your profits with the marketplace, and the branding is all theirs, without much room to establish your own brand. You may not be able to have an email list or really keep in touch with your customers.

Many shop owners come to us saying that they’re outgrowing Etsy and want more control over their own brand and shop. Shopify has an Etsy migration app that helps you get started, and we can take care of all of the rest.

Some of the things we can help with

  • Nail down, revamp, or flesh out a brand identity that will sell your products
  • Design a professional new site that’s perfectly on-brand and tells your story
  • Set up all the shopping features and functionality you need, including a wholesale shop
  • Make sure your back end apps are talking to each other and playing nicely together
  • Migrate your product information
  • Migrate your blog posts
  • Redirect your URLs so you don’t lose any traffic
  • Help with copywriting on your home page, about page, and product pages
  • Make sure you’re gathering customer info for email and SMS marketing
  • Combine content from two website platforms, if your blog and shop are separate now
  • Help you grow traffic to your own site, rather than relying on a marketplace’s search engine
  • …and more! This post on our site talks about many of the things you need to consider when migrating to Shopify: Switching to Shopify

Let’s do this now, before the holidays! We have three levels of web design to help you move to Shopify: from a “website in a week” to a completely custom site from scratch. Get rates for our Shopify services, and all of our other services below:

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