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ROI Calculator

Calculate Your ROI

How much money can your website make? Here you can use your own sales numbers to forecast return on investment for a web design project with us. We've seen some sites far surpass these numbers, but our calculator examples include reasonable improvements to traffic, conversion rate, and average order value. These numbers are based on the results we've seen from hundreds of sites we've built.

Pair this with our forecasting document to learn more about working with Aeolidia and what types of businesses our work pays off well for.

ROI Calculator

Forecast Your ROI

Enter your real data in the colored fields. You can get this information from the reports in your ecommerce admin tool. You can test scenarios by adjusting the multipliers.

  • Current
  • Predictions
  • Increase traffic
  • Improve site
  • Do both
  • Traffic
  • average sessions/mo
  • Sales total
  • avg # of orders/mo
  • AOV
  • average order value
  • Conversion rate
  • % of traffic that buys
  • Revenue/year
  • Multiplier
  • Traffic increase
  • Conversion increase
  • AOV increase
  • Return on investment (year one):
  • ROI if you grow traffic but don't improve your site:
  • ROI if you improve your site but traffic stays the same:
  • ROI if you do both:

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