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Start a New Business On Shopify

Creating a Brand Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

Make sure you’re not missing anything important by hiring experienced design, development, and strategy professionals


If you’re starting a new business, I’m sure you’ve found that there is so much that goes into every step. Why not save hundreds of hours of research and trial and error by hiring our in-house experts? You can have a professional team take care of nearly everything that goes into helping you start a new business on Shopify. Rather than build that team yourself, you can easily get started off on the right foot by relying on our checklists, best practices, and knowledge gained by working on over 600 projects.

A well-planned new business starts with brand strategy, continues with naming your business, and developing a logo and brand identity. From there you’ll want to design packaging, print work, products. You’ll buy a website domain and we’ll help you get set up on Shopify, creating a website in a day (really about a week, but just a day for you!), and help with content for it, if you’d like.

My sister and myself are looking to start a home and lifestyle store. This has been a dream of ours for a long time and it would be such a great addition to our growing community! We really want to do things right the first time and I truly believe that means delegating our branding and marketing to experts for a successful launch.

From a request we received this year

Some of the things we can do to help you start a new business on Shopify

  • Develop a brand strategy that sets you apart as unique to your ideal customers
  • Brainstorm a business name that will last
  • Create a full brand identity that will sell your products
  • Design a professional site that’s perfectly on-brand and tells your story
  • Help with copywriting on your home page, about page, and product pages
  • Take photographs of your products, and optimize them for your website
  • Explain the apps you’ll need, and the ones that will make you money
  • Make sure you’re gathering customer info for email and SMS marketing
  • Help you grow traffic to your site
  • …and more! This post on our site talks about many of the things you need to consider when starting a new business.

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