"Work is Love…" Free Wallpaper and Print

Work is Love Made Visible free download and wallpaper by Lauren Hardage for Aeolidia

If you’ve ever come across this phrase from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, you probably feel the same happy kinship to it that we do! Our designer Lauren has drawn up Gibran’s words for you in a loose, spontaneous script that will freshen up your workspace.

*Available in both high-contrast for a bold vivid look on lock screens and as a quieter background for use behind floating icons.

Work is Love Made Visible free download and wallpaper by Lauren Hardage for Aeolidia

iPhone (640 x 960) BOLD | DIM

iPhone 5 (640 x 1136) BOLD | DIM

iPad (1024 x 1024) BOLD | DIM

Desktop (1280 x 800) | (1440 x 900) | (1680 x 1050) | (1920 x 1080) | (1920 x 1200)


Ye olde small print: © Aeolidia. For personal use only. Redistribution is not permitted.

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  1. Nice, Lauren! I love Kahlil Gibran’s writings. Joy and Sorrow in The Prophet has brought me comfort many times.

    • Lauren Hardage says,

      Thanks so much! Thinking about this line has made me want to re-read again.

  2. This is beeeeautiful!! Nice work, Lauren. I might even replace the picture of my kids on my phone with this, that’s how much I like it.

    • Lauren Hardage says,

      OMG high praise! Thanks Z!

  3. I love it!!! This is so beautiful Lauren can’t wait to print it off and hang it in our new house when I finally have an office again. You are a genius (in case I haven’t told you recently).

    • Lauren Hardage says,

      Thanks for the sweetness! I’ll continue our fun-fight of agressive praise here, because: YOU are the genius! YOU are the BEST!! xo (ps Loved your Valentine’s Day Bookmark which confirms my suspicions that you have the same alien superpower of time-control as Evie on Out of This World. #HowDoYouDoItAll?)

      • Oh we try Arianne, it doesn’t come naturally;)
        I am loving our little praise fights Lauren-I really think as far as therapy goes it could be quite effective to stand in a room and shout why we think the other person is awesome for awhile. It is too easy to forget sometimes! Off to check out Evie right now!
        ps: I don’t do it all-as the state of my house & my dirty kids illuminate for me every day:)

      • Lauren Hardage says,

        Oh, Arianne, you’re in this glitter-slinging fight too… you are so intelligent!! And FUN! You can’t even help it! :D

  4. Lovely! Such a great reminder :) Thank you.

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