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Safeguarding Your Brand from Copycat and Spam Sites

by Jessica Molnar

February 13, 2024
example of a spam site
A screenshot of Aeolidia's home page? Guess again! It is a spam site that cloned our content.

True story – last year, during an in-depth SEO audit, we discovered half a dozen fake websites that were copying Aeolidia. Yikes! These spurious sites had cloned our content; infringing on our copyrighted material and negatively impacting our organic traffic. It took a fair amount of stubbornness on our end, but happily, the spam sites have all been shut down.

The rise of copycat and spam sites presents a growing concern. These security issues, if left unaddressed, can undermine a brand’s reputation and integrity. Here’s what we’ve learned about counteracting these threats.

Understanding copycat and spam sites

The unauthorized replication of a brand’s content to create a near-duplicate website and the presence of spammy, sketchy, or sleazy content falsely associated with a legitimate brand pose significant risks. These issues can tarnish the brand image, confuse customers, and potentially lead to financial losses.

Copycat sites mimic the brand’s content, sometimes even using the same domain name. On the other hand, spam sites might use similar domains or extensions but do not necessarily replicate the brand’s content. Recognizing these differences is the first step in devising a targeted response.

Contact your domain registrar

If a copycat or spam site is using your domain name, immediate action is imperative. Contact your domain registrar without delay. An example scenario could involve a subdomain like This indicates a potential compromise or vulnerability in your domain settings. For example, a wildcard subdomain that points to Shopify makes it easy for spammers to spin up sites hosted by Shopify that use your domain. Contact your registrar’s technical support to secure your account, remove unwanted DNS records, and ensure the preservation of legitimate records for hosting your authentic site.

A site might use a domain similar to yours without replicating your actual domain. This could involve common typos or different extensions like .net or .shop, which you do not own. This situation requires a different approach, such as consulting with a trademark attorney.

Engage hosting providers

Regardless of whether the offending site is using your domain name, it’s crucial to contact the hosting provider to initiate content takedown. This article by attorney Kiff Stahle, known as the artist’s J.D., explains how to issue DMCA Takedown Notice after using Accu’s host checker to identify the hosting provider.

If you have a Shopify site and you learn that the fraudulent site is also using Shopify, contact Shopify support to see if they can handle the matter quickly without a DMCA Takedown Notice. Our experience is that they handle these issues promptly.

Protect your brand online

Here are some tools to help with monitoring:

  • Google alerts: For unique product names, brand names, or unique site content.
  • Copyscape: A tool that scans for content copied from your site.
  • Brand monitoring tools to detect mentions of the site that Google alerts might not catch.

If a spam or copycat site is detected, then a DMCA takedown notice (or a DMCA takedown service) can deal with the issue.

By understanding the nature of these security issues and implementing swift and targeted actions, businesses can minimize the potential damage and protect their brand reputation. Whether it’s securing your domain name with the help of your registrar or engaging hosting providers for content takedown, a proactive stance is critical when it comes to protecting your business from online threats.

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