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Shopify Blog Examples from the Aeolidia Portfolio

by Sam Hirst

July 2, 2015 / Updated: March 27, 2024
Mercury Mosaics Shopify blog

We’ve spent some time on our blog talking about the importance of blogging for your business, and giving you lots of ideas for what you can blog about! Often, when shop owners come to us for a custom website design, they are unsure about whether to include a blog directly on the Shopify platform, or to build it on another platform such as WordPress.

For the great majority of our clients, we recommend using the Shopify blogging platform. A Shopify blog is simpler than a WordPress blog, but most shop owners don’t need any bells and whistles. Managing two sites can be expensive and complicated, and promoting your work from a separate site/URL at WordPress is going to be harder than from inside your shop, where you can easily link to products without confusing people. The Shopify blogging platform is a great, though less feature-rich, option.

Our team pulled together a round-up of recent Shopify blog examples for you so that you can see what we are able to achieve with both design and features using the Shopify blogging platform.

Little Apple Treats

Little Apple Treats recipe blog

As a purveyor of artisanal apple ciders, shrubs, and snacks Little Apple Treats’ recipe blog is a perfect way to highlight their products. Each post features rich content including printing, sharing, and shopping options. 

See what we did for Little Apple Treats in our portfolio.

View the Little Apple Treats blog.

Benzie Design

Benzie Design craft tutorial blog post with shoppable supplies list

Benzie Design is a craft shop that offers all things felt in a mesmerizing array of colors. They make great use of their blog as a library of fun project tutorials, with a shoppable supplies list within each post. 

See what we did for Benzie Design in our portfolio.

View the Benzie Design blog.


Simplified Shopify blog

Simplified is a beloved planner brand. We created a special section on their website to share Simplified’s popular podcast including featured episodes, favorites, and a custom embed to share the podcast snippet. 

See what we did for Simplified in our portfolio.

View the Simplified blog.

Flax & Twine 

Flax & Twine Shopify blog

Flax + Twine is a craft supply shop that sells stylish weaving and crochet project kits. Their blog complements their product offers with a “browse by category” navigation that includes tutorials, gift ideas, and lifestyle blog posts.

View the Flax & Twine blog.

SweetHoney Clothing

SweetHoney Clothing Shopify blog

The SweetHoney Clothing blog features visual navigation by category at the top of the page to help orient and engage their readers. 

View this project in our portfolio.

View the SweetHoney Clothing blog.

Cozyblue Handmade 

Cozyblue Handmade Shopify blog

Cozyblue Handmade is an embroidery supply shop that encourages folks to slow down, get cozy, and get crafty. In keeping with this vibe, their blog has browse by category navigation that features illustrated icons.

View the CozyBlue Handmade blog.

Mercury Mosaics

Mercury Mosaics Shopify blog

The Mercury Mosaics blog is a great example of the features that can be included on a Shopify blog: blog categories, social media sharing, a newsletter sign-up, sharing links to popular posts and freebies, and behind the scenes videos – these are all great ways to interact with your customers using your blog.

See what we did for Mercury Mosaics in our portfolio.

View the Mercury Mosaics blog.

Katherine Watson

Katherine Watson Shopify blog

We enjoyed designing the blog for printmaker Katharine Watson. Her blog posts offer a glimpse behind the scenes of her traditional hand-carved block printing process.

See what we did for Katharine Watson in our portfolio.

View Katharine Watson’s blog.

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