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260 Blog Post Ideas Download

A Comprehensive List of Prompts For Creative Shops

The content ideas include example posts to brainstorm content for your blog, newsletter, social media, etc. Including info on how to define your objective, determine your ideal reader, find your blogging voice, and pull it all together.

260 content ideas in these categories:

  • Behind the scenes (47 ideas)
  • Inspirational (67 ideas)
  • Informative (42 ideas)
  • Authoritative (44 ideas)
  • Collaborative (32 ideas)
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239 thoughts on “260 Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Wow! This post is EXACTLY what I needed. I know blogging is an important part of my business and website but I struggle with knowing what to post to attract the right readers. (Who will hopefully turn into loyal customers.) I feel like most of my blog post ideas have to do with how to run a creative business (I do like sharing what I’ve learned but creative entrepreneurs are not my target market.) Reading through some of these posts has already got my wheels turning for some other posts to add to the mix. Seriously, thank you!

    Stephanie Creekmur is an online boutique based in the Heartland that sells paper and gifts for the celebrators of life. Founded in 2009 by a girl who loves paper, all things southern and who still believes in the handwritten note. Here at Stephanie Creekmur we’re passionate about creating beautiful things and we know the greatest joy is found when you show love to others. We hope that passion is evident in everything we do.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! Blog post ideas:

    1) Ideas for when to send a handwritten note.
    2) Ways to make a loved one feel special when they’re sick/celebrating/going through a transition.
    3) A product that wasn’t up to your standards, and how you improved it.
    4) A heartwarming moment from your business’ history.
    5) Ideas for interesting gift combinations – such as an art print and a pillow.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Nestor! Blog post ideas:

    1) More about the hard work of leathercraft and what skills go into it.
    2) More about keeping all the work in America, and what that means to your customers.
    3) Tell about what it’s like running a family business – who does what? How has working together changed your relationship? (and introduce your chickens!).
    4) How to care for and maintain leather.
    5) Customizations you’ll make (such as initials).

  4. Hello Kate, Oh, I just love Stubby Pencil Studio! My kids got older and we’ve been having a lot of fun with the art care package you sent me so many years ago! πŸ™‚ Blog post ideas:

    1) Compare various types of crayons or showcase which are best for different types of projects.
    2) Share a heartwarming tale where you felt like you were really doing the earth a favor.
    3) Craft and art project ideas! You know you have to do it! πŸ˜€ Maybe easy projects for Monday nights? Holiday projects?
    4) Ways to save and display children’s artwork (digitally or physically).
    5) Reminding adults of ways they can be creative and artistic more often.

  5. Hello Lisa, thanks for sharing! I just love Phoebe&Egg, and I’m glad to see you here. You are already doing a great job, and I confess I got lost wandering your blog for a while (such wisdom in the Teaching a Child to Sew post! And a great balance of personal and doll-related content). I see lots of good sewing content, but less for people who just love dolls and kids and don’t want to sew. Blog post ideas, which you hopefully haven’t already covered:

    1) More info about the Amish wool or other materials and why your customers should care!
    2) More about your design process and what makes your dolls special.
    3) Show pics of your customers’ dolls being loved.
    4) Caring for and cleaning your dolls.
    5) Share a heartwarming experience that you wouldn’t have had without Phoebe&Egg.
    6) Share some of your first dolls and what you do differently now and why.

    I cheated and gave you a bonus! πŸ™‚

  6. I am just constantly blown away by how valuable each of your blog posts are, Arianne! And how generous you are with your expertise.

    I’m Emily, and I create exuberant, playful invitations and personal stationery for fun, expressive people. My business, Fresh Paper Studios, is unique because I venture away from wedding traditions and design invitation suites that capture unique and offbeat couples’ fun and funky personalities. I also give old-school letter writing a new-school twist with bold, bright, and spirited stationery designs.

    Thanks so much!

  7. I am Kara Meloy, founder and head designer of Little Sun Hat, modern headwear for childhood. We celebrate modern mothers who want to provide style and weather protection for their littles.
    Blogging has always been a part of my business I know I need to do, and have even outsourced the load to a friend as a contributor, however the blank page syndrome has kept me from jumping all in.
    Thank you so much for this huge idea post! I’ve bookmarked it to come back to again and again.

  8. Hi Sara!
    A dear friend of mine (Hannah, new resident of NYC) recently gave me one of your cards and introduced your IG to me. I’ve come to love your posts and little shop, it’s nice to see you here too! πŸ™‚

  9. Hey, i’ve started blogging once a week for my biz but i feel like i’m being forced to do homework. I have no idea what I’m doing and am pretty sure i’m not making an “emotional connection” either. Coming up with engaging topics that bring out the best about my little shop feels unfocused and confusing. I own a shop, Shine studio & boutique that sells 100% handmade home decor, accessories and jewellery. I care about supporting artists and the beauty they create. I would appreciate any help or insight, just a nudge in the right direction. Thank you so much!

  10. Hmmm.. Our specialty would have to be making unique craft supplies and tools that will help crafters sparkle and perhaps evoke a tale or two. We are in the business of making heirlooms with a modern twist :). We handspin and hand paint art yarn, make sculptural needle holders, bring weaving on the go with mandala inspired ceramic weaving looms, and create yarn bowls from sweet florals to fantastical dragons :). Creativity is melded into each product in hopes that it will inspire a new crafter’s next masterpiece. Chic and stylish crafting. Honoring heritage with today’s modern pizzaz.

    Thank you for this amazing post! I am one of those that just recently chose to blog with more purpose and determine an actual schedule. This has definitely helped spark some new blog posts.. And just in time!! I needed more content and soon lol.

  11. Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the owner of the brand Squeak + Moon. I handmake accessories like scarves and shawls and decor pieces like floral and dreamcatchers. Thank you for all the small business support you provide, I love your ideas! My shop can be found at


  12. Hi there! Brilliant article and found at just the right time as I am trying to make a start on blogging more for my work on
    My artwork is fun, quirky illustrations, that currently is focused on a collection of characters – having adventures! It started with space cat, and has since produced Pirate Fox and Super Penguin…as well as a few others!
    In the main, there are open edition prints, notebooks and cards, but my aim is to also have a screen printed, limited edition print for each character that is illustrated.

    I’ve signed up to your newsletter – and will be making a start on my newest blog post soon with the help of this article!

  13. Great article!!! I am a professional pastry chef and started a food blog a few years ago! I have so many wonderful recipes to share but I also am interested in adding other content in between that goes in this direction but is not specifically a recipe. This is usually what delays me from posting more because I don’t want to be redundant! Thanks for these great ideas.

  14. Oh my golly, thanks for this – fantastic and great timing as I am about to launch my own website (been working with an amazing company on it!!) which includes a blog. I am so nervous about blogging and completely lacking confidence in doing so – am not witty nor clever with words….aggghh! So scary!

    Anyway my business, XOXO stationery, is a wee company in Scotland. I produce high quality personalised notepads in a range of styles using classic and contemporary fonts and a bit of colour. I also have started to produce personalised mugs and notebooks with shopping totes coming very soon.

  15. Glorious post! I’m one half of Ink Drops, a stationery subscription service which drops delightful stationery through the door of lovers of the written word and letterbox aficionados. I’m already feeling all inspired from your post but would love to know your ideas on my biz! I’m at

    Thank you! <3 Carla

  16. Thank you for such an incredibly generous post! This huge list of topics, and especially all the individualized suggestions offered in the comments, have really helped to get the ideas flowing. I’ve saved the post and need to schedule some time to go back over it all for a closer read!

    I make yoga mat bags and travel jewelry organizers (and a few other items, but those two are my focus). I mainly sell them in my Etsy shop, and I’ve had my own site at for about a year now. Although the integrated blog was one of the reasons I chose to go with shopify, finding time and inspiration to write has been a lot more challenging than I anticipated and I’ve allowed the blog to stall. This post has inspired me to make the time and get back to it!

    Anyway, thank you again for such a terrific list, and I look forward to hearing any suggestions you have! πŸ™‚

  17. Wonderful article, thank you – I found this post on Instagram.

    Creating a schedule of blog posts has been on my to do list for a long time so this inspires me to get started πŸ™‚ So far I’ve only been able to handle posts one day a week where I have a free download of a printable for one week before it goes into my Etsy shop for sale. I want to do more so thank you for this wonderful article!

    1) I sell digital wall art for busy working women and Moms that they can download and print instantly at home for all those birthday and baby shower and housewarming parties they didn’t have time to shop for. What sets me apart and that I want to convey with my blog is all the clever uses for a printable besides just framing it on the wall. You can create a whole customized gift package from one file with coordinated cards, tags, wrap, and upcycled items from around your home. So you don’t have to show up late to a party with only a Target gift card in hand πŸ™‚

    I also want my customers to feel comfortable talking to me and asking questions/making requests and know that I will always be gracious, kind, and generous.


  18. My name is Lindsey, and I’m the owner of Yarnia, a custom yarn shop here in Portland, Oregon. Yarnia is the only yarn shop where you can design your very own custom yarn blend, and buy it by the pound. You choose the fiber, color, thickness, and amount, and we’ll create your custom yarn for you right on the spot β€” perfect for knitting, crocheting, or weaving! You can find more at Thanks for the opportunity, this is a great idea! πŸ™‚ My most popular blog posts tend to focus around WIPs (knitted or crocheted works-in-progress), but honestly the posts I enjoy writing the most are the ones that are more focused on running my business. I find it awkward at this point (8 years in) to backtrack and tell my story from the beginning, so maybe I just need some ideas or guidance for how to do that gracefully πŸ™‚

  19. Hi, Thanks for such a detailed post. My name is Angela, and I’m the owner of Angel Minaro – The Bridal Spa Boutique. I create exquisite spa products specifically targeting a bride and groom, their bridal party and wedding guests. Specially because planning a wedding can be very stressful. My products are meant to pamper, help relaxation, and to be fun. They are especially great for bridal showers too. I try to blog about spa and skincare tips for a bride, but also about wedding inspiration like bridal shower theme ideas, but sometimes I get stuck. My website is
    Thanks so much~

  20. OMG, Arianne! This is ahhhmazing! I used to have an editorial content calendar, with evergreen ideas throughout, but my focus of my business changed and I had to scrap it. Thank you SO much for this! I’m going to input these into my planner now!

  21. Arianne,

    I cannot even express how excited I am to find your blog! I’ve been blogging for a few years, but only more consistently THIS year. I have a full time job and have been creating art and handmade products in the evening and on weekends. I’d love to be able to take my passion and turn it into a profit ninja! I struggle with the usual: too tired after work, juggling the to-do list and setting priorities. I joined an artist collective over a year ago and have made a lot of sales and established a network of colleagues among some very talented artists. I’m ready to up my game a bit so I’ve been writing more (really it’s only once a month right now, but I’d like to be able to do it more often) and participating in social media outlets as an artist.

    If you’d like to see my work, I have a few places you can find me:


    I’ve been debating on an actual website, but I’m really torn between having a nice, cohesive site or juggling more than one ecommerce entity (e.g. my site AND the artist collective). I have a domain name, but once again….I’ve been holding on to it and not really knowing what I should do with it, if anything.

    I am definitely passing this along to my friends, for they are also makers and crafters.

    Thanks so much!


  22. Thank you bucketloads for this post! Now I’ve got a big fat list of ideas in my notebook, ready to use.

    I started developing my handmade business, Miss Matilda, in the beginning of 2015, along my uni studies. My main focus right now is on bottlecap jewellery: I make collages from tiny pieces of pictures that I find in magazines, assemble them in the bottlecaps and coat the picture with a layer of Glossy Accents. I’m working on more product ideas, especially something that I could make in a bulk. The bottlecaps are all unique. The idea behind all my products is storytelling, so each piece holds something magical or unexpected.

    I mostly use Facebook for promoting, but I also have a blog – I’ve been blogging since I was 14. I would like to find a way to grow my audience and plan more carefully, but also keep my blog journal-like and have it be a place where I can write when I feel like it. The blog’s also bilingual (Finnish and English), which brings more possibilities, but also challenges. The language matter reflects my situation quite well: I want to build relationships with local people, but keep my doors open to the world at the same time. It’s quite an inspiring place to be!

    I’m blogging at
    Miss Matilda on Facebook (in Finnish, but there are pictures!):

    Thank you again!
    Lotta xx

  23. This is such a generous post, Arianne! Thank you so much for taking the time to compile such helpful info. I’m excited to write some posts about my art based on some of your ideas.
    Really appreciate it!

  24. Arianne! You are amazing. I have been waiting for this blog post and it did not disappoint. Thank you so much for all of the time you put in to help out our big little businesses! Blogging has been on my to-do list for months and I think the biggest hurdle was pushing through the burn out I felt from the blogging I did back when I was just writing about our small family. These topic ideas have me excited again! My business is called Hairpin Letterpress ( and I’m doing my very best to create a unique line of letterpress greeting cards and stationery. I will (as always) be passing this post along to all of my biz lady friends! xoxo

  25. Hello Cindy, thanks for sharing! You’re another biz owner who is already doing a great job at blogging. If you can get your photos to fill the full width of the space you have available, that would improve the look of what you’re doing. I also found myself confused from time to time because you seem to have two different blogs linked on the main site, and I would keep getting onto the “wrong” one (if there is a wrong one?).

    Blog post ideas (which you may have already covered, because I see you have quite a wealth of topics):

    1) Did you start first with skincare or with farming? Tell the story of how your biz began.
    2) What has surprised you the most about farming for your business?
    3) Case studies of the services you offer to small cosmetics companies.
    4) Share some information from one of your books to promote it.
    5) Expand on one of the informational pages on your site (such as “farm”) with more detail in a blog post.

  26. Hello Charnelle, thanks for sharing! I would recommend improving the quality of your photography by getting more light in and not being satisfied with a fuzzy or dark pic. Blog post ideas:

    1) Order some of your patterned products (like a duvet cover?) from Society6 or Print All Over Me to take pics with and show off.
    2) With the products above, offer a giveaway.
    3) Your sewing work is great! Right now it’s not related to your illustration. What about sewing some projects using your own fabric? I finally found a post from a year ago where you did this – do it more! Do it all the time! πŸ™‚
    4) Challenge yourself to work up to licensing your illustration, and let your readers in on your journey.
    5) Take a class, such as Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells, and share your experiences and your projects.

  27. Hello Kristen, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Hilarious photo or video posts where you test out your products on a variety of cats, including some that don’t like it, or use it unusually. You may need to borrow some friends for this.
    2) Share details of your collaborations with cat-loving artists.
    3) You’ll have one of the few blogs where people are going to want to see too many photos of your cat, so, you know, go buck wild on that!
    4) Case studies of custom products you’ve designed.
    5) Share the product ideas that Bollini just hated that didn’t come to be.

  28. Thanks for the suggestions! The ones you made are things I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate/improve on. I actually just got some of my donut fabric to make a dress and stumbled upon lilla Rogers about a week ago. Talk about confirmation lol. Now I just need to put it into action. Thanks again!

  29. Hello Aubrey, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Your business appears to have people and their stories as the core of what you do, so definitely bring in stories that align with your work.
    2) Stories from when you began exploring your creativity and drawing.
    3) Tell us more about your “hobbit home!”
    4) Case study of a custom design, from customer request, to sketch, to finished work and customer reaction.
    5) Tell us about your one million “redoings” and how they shaped your current work.

  30. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information. I have a printable business. It’s new (a year) but I decided to have a blog this year, I have been struggling about it. It’s hard.

    I design Wedding Stationery like and Baby Shower Stationery. I am focus on these two only niches because is what I enjoy the most and I have fun designing for it. Also, I participate on the Minted Challanges (designing stationery). I have won a few of those contest. Yay!!!

    English is not my primary language so I struggle a little bit with that on my blog, thanks to my husband who helps me a lot.

    Well, thank you so much for taking your time on reading us. Highly appreciate it.

  31. Hello again Amantha, and thanks for sharing! Your blog post from January is great. I can completely relate to it, and you should continue much more regularly in that vein. Blog post ideas:

    1) Share yours and readers’ challenges and searing pains that have become strength, beauty and blinding positives
    2) I want to see photos or a video of your “take no-prisoners, get crazy method of tapping into your energy.”
    3) Give a sneak peek of the downloadable art and/or inspiration you mention that you share on your newsletter.
    4) Explain your feelings on why art is mood-altering, or show us some scientific research.
    5) Your Instagram feed is pretty fun – bring pics from there into your blog and expand on what’s going on a bit more.

  32. Hello Emily, and thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you’ve found our post useful. Blog post ideas:

    1) More posts that feature your unique and offbeat couples and what you did for them.
    2) Show off how your solid ink works and looks and explain why people should care.
    3) Show the process of creating, cutting, assembling, and/or packing so people can see how much care goes into your work.
    4) I NEED to see “Dan Roach loves to work work work” – show your early work and discuss your creative path.
    5) Your Facebook posts are interesting and happen much more often than the blog. Take one (regularly!) and expand upon it for your blog.

  33. Wow, thank you so much, Arianne. You have some impressive, super-human creative talent to come up with these ideas so quickly…and for so many people! It took me over a week just to come up with this many ideas on my own. I really appreciate the effort you put into this and I will most certainly use your ideas.

  34. Hello Sara, and thank you for sharing! I have peeked in your store window a couple times while waiting for a table at Chinook’s and it looks fabuloso! Your blog is currently quite “news-y.” These posts are great, and you should keep doing them. You may want to balance with more lifestyle/inspiration/value posts. I like your collaboration and case study posts. Blog post ideas:

    1) More about the process (“corsets, petticoats, and embroidery”).
    2) What’s so special about wood engraving, and how does it work?
    3) Showcase some found boxes of cards and letters from your family and talk about traditions and keepsakes.
    4) Post about occasions when someone could send a card, and share the perfect card for the occasion.
    5) Each of your cards has a story. Write about it in more detail (like the Lincoln ring!), and possibly pair it with sketches and press-day photos of the card being made.

  35. Hello Di, and thank you for sharing! Your posts about your new direction and drawing are great, and you should continue in that vein. Your printables and styled photos are right on target. Blog post ideas:

    1) Your ideas for bringing your love of animals into your work. Show some possibilities and see what your readers react to.
    2) How your past in visual merchandising lead you to or influences your current work.
    3) Explain and promote your upcoming “props for hire” service.
    4) Ideas for being creative with events and parties while using your designs.
    5) How-tos for readers to DIY products you don’t currently sell (something like the lace crowns?).

  36. Hello, Anna, and thanks for sharing! Your photos are great, and what you’ve done so far with the blog is strong. Keep it up, and don’t be afraid to promote your products more directly. Blog post ideas:

    1) Tips or insights on navigating a husband-and-wife business and keeping things balanced.
    2) How you work with your clients to capture their voice and style.
    3) Fun outtakes from your video or a photo shoot.
    4) Write about the favorite projects from your portfolio and include your client’s feedback.
    5) Give some ideas to get people dreaming of what to do for their own custom invites.

  37. Hello Debby, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Tell us about the candy business!
    2) You have detailed stories about each creature. Give each one a blog post, and maybe show the animal in it’s natural habitat or in some type of scene.
    3) Your earlier posts about toy experiments and ideas are good – more like this!
    4) Who ends up with your toys? Show a little (or big!) person loving their toy and telling their story of it.
    5) Have you ever made a toy by request? Show how you approach a custom job or a new toy type and how you decide to add it to your collection.

  38. Arianne, this post is golden. I am really guilty of putting off doing a blog post regularly especially if my shop is really busy. Such great ideas for posts whether you want to do a detailed one or just something short but succinct. THANK YOU, printing it and sharing !!
    My blog

  39. Hello Hannah, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Show off your growing collection of handmade things (by you and others)!
    2) You are both potters! That’s unique. Compare and contrast your styles and strengths.
    3) Do you try to keep your work harmonious with the other’s, or stick to your own muse?
    4) Is your work based on historical forms? What inspires you?
    5) How it feels to be making rustic beauty in a time that heavily features minimalism and clean white stuff.

  40. Hello Adina, my homegirl! Do not even fret if you aren’t able to blog with a three month old in the house. And a three year old in a house. Or if you’re like me, the 5 1/2 year old may be the one who needs the constant attention! πŸ˜€

    Your blog has quite a bit of news and business info, but you need more project, event, and inspiration beauty to look at. Blog post ideas:

    1) How your perfectionism helps your clients get an amazing end product.
    2) Tell us more about photopolymer plates!
    3) Show off your ink mixing wizardry by giving yourself a mixing challenge, such as color matching finds from nature or in photos, and displaying the near-perfect results.
    4) Share your favorite projects and walk us through design choices, printing work, and client feedback.
    5) Share sketches of ideas you want to pursue and get reader feedback.

  41. I am just starting, making little collections of garments to serve as foundation pieces of a wardrobe. My best friend from high school is helping me now, but our goal is to employ some independent makers as our business grows. I teach sewing classes online and in person, and most importantly, all my creations are made in a gentle way; organic or at least natural textiles, made in mills that pay a living wage and have good working conditions, handmade by people who have learned to make things to last (like I do). I make garments that are beautiful, that fit, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin. I teach my clients how to care for their clothes, and to mend them when necessary. I don’t make anything disposable.

  42. Thank you, Arianne, for this extremely informative post. As a small business creative, it is easy to push blogging to the side and forget what an important sales tool it can be. Our small business, Belle & Union Co. (, has grown so much in a short 3 years, but remained 100% American made through it all, no easy feat. Learning how to share that story with our supporters (and sticking to it!) is a step for the business I know I need to pencil in, rather than keep brushing it aside. Thank you for the encouragement!

  43. Hello, Kara, and thanks for sharing! Your hats are ridiculously adorable. Blog post ideas:

    1) What wasn’t working for you about the hats you had for your kids, and what inspired you to make your own?
    2) Share some fun details from your relationships with local designers and printers and why local is important to you.
    3) The “laid back mom” post was great – more about parenting in general, with an emphasis on the light and joy feeling your hats have.
    4) How do you make your hats? Do you do it all from scratch? Have any help? What’s your favorite part?
    5) How have you adjusted your hats based on your own experience and customer feedback? This is a chance to explain why they’re so perfect!

  44. Hello Shilo, and thank you for sharing! It sounds like you’re pretty burnt out on the blog, and it feels like an assigned chore. What excites you about your business? What do you love to talk to people about when they come into the shop? Who is your favorite customer? Pretend your blog is a conversation between you and that customer, and it’s going to be more fun for everyone Blog post ideas:

    1) Why do you feel like an “escapee” from your college program, and what fulfills you about what you do now?
    2) Tell us more about the Bored Collective!
    3) Feature your artists and designers one at a time with photos and/or interviews.
    4) You’re very busy on Facebook, and it looks like you’re having fun on there. Grab some of the things you post on Facebook and expand on them with more photos and info.
    5) Share information about and recaps of your workshops.

  45. Thank you for the kind words about my blog, Julie! This contest is open only to product-based businesses, as that’s where my expertise lies, but it looks like you are already doing a great job on your blog! Keep up the good work.

  46. Hello Kristen, thank you for sharing! Your site is loading so slowly right now that I’m having a hard time researching. I’ll see about giving it another try the next time I sit down to write up some tips.

  47. Arianne, thank you so much for taking the time to write these posts! They have been beyond helpful as we’ve learned more about operating a creative business. If you’re ever in L.A. please hit us up for some egg dishes courtesy of our soon to be introduced chickens!

  48. Hello, Sarah, thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Which albums, books, and people make life amazing for you?
    2) What lead you to jump up from the kitchen table crafting to make it a business?
    3) How do you select and source your materials?
    4) The story behind dreamcatchers and how to display them in your home.
    5) Occasions and ideas for gifting dried flower bundles.

  49. Hello, Rachel, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Write a post about each printing method you use, when you use it, and what you like about it.
    2) Show a product’s process from idea to sketch to printing to final product.
    3) Your Instagram feed is pretty active and fun – bring stuff from here over to your blog and share more detail.
    4) Show ideas that didn’t make it into the shop, and how they helped you grow as an artist.
    5) Share a big dream or goal and what you’re doing to achieve it.

  50. Thanks for this awesome post!

    I’m Kara, owner of Boho Berry, where I sell handmade bohemian-inspired jewelry… wrap bracelets & crochet hoop earrings. I want to blog about my business but also inspire people through uplifting posts to really embody the bohemian free-spirit mindset. I just started my business and my blog last week but you can check it out at

  51. This is an AMAZING resource! Thank you so much, Arianne — I know I will be referring to it time and again.

    My company is SpaceCadet (, and we hand-dye yarn for knitters and crocheters. On my blog, I try to focus on a mix of articles that inform our customers why our yarn is great, teach them how to use it or teach them related stuff, share stories about us and our customers/community, and of course… sell yarn!

  52. I’ve signed up for your newsletter just so I can print these amazing suggestions, thank you!

    I design beautiful wedding stationery ( I like to do something a bit different from the big websites and favor folded invites which are an experience vs just a rectangle of card in a cheap envelope. Since starting my business, the blog posts I’ve written about wedding planning etc have had great feedback (actually it’s funny, the ones about the $$ stuff have very high click throughs/reads but very little “likes” on FB – it’s like the money stuff is a dirty little secret). My blog, although small, has led to me developing a free wedding planning course ( which drives people back to the blog & delivers blog posts to brides right when they are dealing with time-sensitive wedding planning problems.

    I LOVE helping brides with their wedding planning, but it can be tricky to devote time to dishing out all this good advice when it’s not paying the bills πŸ™‚ I am trying to blog on a consistent basis and keep the quality high too. I would love to hear some suggestions for some fresh blog post ideas and really appreciate this x


  53. This post is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing! Blogging is definitely not my strong suit, and I mostly use it to draw people in for my business, Whimsy and Wild; a line of paper goods inspired by nature and all things pretty. My work primarily focuses on hand-lettering and illustration, often reflecting my love of plants/nature. |

  54. Oh, my goodness, this is a DREAM POST! A couple of years ago, I was going to start a blog about converting my recipe box to gluten free + crafting projects and adventures, but I got side tracked because I opened a little etsy shop first. I made a cute, unique, reversible sun hat for my daughter that got tons of comments and compliments from friends and strangers. One afternoon, my husband said, “You should sell that on Etsy!” So I opened an Etsy shop named after my blog idea (Tables & Spoons) and did. I’ve never gotten back to writing that blog because I feel that I never have the time. It’s always a dream, sitting there in the heart of my heart, though. πŸ™‚

  55. This post has blown my mind. It’s great to see a community of bloggers in one place rather than stumbling across them on the Internet.

    I am a time poor full time Mum with 2 littlies under my feet all day. I’m just starting out, I trained in design many years ago (before computers became so important in the world!!). I am now learning to design digitally making patterns for use in surface pattern design.

    I’m hoping that I can grow my business and establish a bit of interest ready for when my kids go to school & I become a ‘lady of leisure’ haha!!!! I have a few years to get ready! I’m a newcomer to it all as I’ve only had a blog for a month. I’m trying also to connect with different social media sites.

    I am happy for any feedback from anyone!


  56. Thank you Arianne! These are great ideas! I love number 3 πŸ˜€ I will definitely be mining your blog examples too, so much good stuff in there!

  57. Wow – what a fantastic and idea-inspiring post! I have been intending to (and intending to and intending to) start a blog for my handmade handbag business – Chameleon Girl: Handmade bags with an African twist – but I am so busy with actually making the bags and posting on Instagram and Facebook that I just haven’t had the time or the motivation to start. Reading from a list I created a while back, these were my initial topic ideas:

    1. Round up from other sites of the best bag style for your body type
    2. A day-in-the-life of a handbag maker (including a short video)
    3. Brief overviews of histories of various African textiles

    After skimming your list above, I will definitely be able to add some new topics. I’ll also look forward to receiving some suggestions from you.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post and kind regards,

  58. Hello Kristen, and thank you for sharing! This contest is open only to product-based businesses, as that’s where my expertise lies, but it looks like you are already doing a great job on your blog! Keep up the good work, and don’t worry about being redundant on a food blog – people want to hear about food all the time, in your case! πŸ™‚

  59. Hello, Carla, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) How you and Annastasia know each other, and how combining forces makes Ink Drops great.
    2) Build up to each month’s subscription package by offering teasers and promoting it.
    3) Show photos and/or testimonials from delighted people opening their monthly packages.
    4) Explain how subscriptions work. Seeing the “sold out” page, I’m wondering why I can’t subscribe now and get next month’s?
    5) Show us how you put your curated packages together.

  60. Hello Jennifer, and thank you for sharing! Wow, you don’t look like you need any help with ideas! You post often, and on a variety of topics, and appear to be getting a good response. I can’t load your website right now, only your blog, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. My tip for you, rather than blog post ideas, is to work on your photography. See if you can get the light consistent between photos in the same post (right now some are bright and some are dark), and see if you can decrease some of the deep shadows in your tutorial photography. Keep up the great work!

  61. Hello, Kerry, and thank you for sharing! Your most recent post is a good one, but it’s been a long time since you posted. Keep up in that vein by letting people know what new things are coming and sharing your process. Blog post ideas:

    1) Tell us about your move from jewelry to sewing, and why sewing is a better fit for you.
    2) Favorite yoga poses or tips, or a how to get started with yoga tutorial – and feature your mat bags.
    3) Jewelry cleaning tips – and feature your jewelry rolls.
    4) Packing for travel tips – and feature your jewelry rolls.
    5) Yoga product roundup, including your mat bags (water bottle, exercise clothing, etc.)

  62. Hello, Sarah, and thank you for sharing! It sounds like you have some great ideas, and just need to put them in action. Blog post ideas:

    1) Regular feature: show curated gift sets that include your print.
    2) How to print so it will look great (paper type, printer quality, where to print if your printer is no good).
    3) Ways to make a last-minute printed gift look super thoughtful.
    4) What Lovely Magazine is, and why your readers should be interested.
    5) Create project tutorials for your Creative Market art.

  63. Hello, Lindsey, and thank you for sharing! Okay, no fair, you guys post almost every day, on a variety of topics. You don’t need my help with ideas! πŸ˜€

    My best advice to you is to go with what’s working, don’t be afraid to try something new, and remember that your “old” story isn’t old to most of your visitors. They’d be interested to hear it! Blog post tips:

    1) When writing business-y posts, remember to include something of value for people who don’t run a business.
    2) Remember that your goal is to get people to come into the shop. You don’t need to be sales-y on every post, but let that guide your ideas.
    3) Let people in on the process of getting their own yarn put on that pound cone, to demystify it and make it desirable.
    4) Share some Portland stuff and scenes from your own neighborhood, so people can get a feel of where Yarnia lives.
    5) Who works at Yarnia? What do you get up to for fun? A dash of personal inspiration can be great for helping people feel that they know and like you.

  64. Hello, Angela, and thank you for sharing! I don’t think you need my help – you post regularly on a variety of topics that are relevant to your industry, and you’ve been at it for a long time. My advice is to keep up what you’re doing, and if you get stuck because you’re afraid of being repetitive, remember that every visitor to your blog hasn’t read every post, and as long as you have a new spin on it each time, it’s okay to stick to the types of posts that work well for you and that your readers value.

    You could try a few posts about your and the business – what I see on the first few pages of your blog is fairly impersonal and could work as a bridal magazine. This is great, but when convincing people to buy Angel Minaro over other brands, knowing more about you, your story, and your values could sway people from being interested strangers to being loyal fans.

  65. Hello Andrea, and thank you for sharing! It sounds like your trouble is more about time than ideas, and all I can say is that making it a priority is the only way you will find time for it. In the same way that you train for your marathon, you need to blog regularly, and build it into something with power. Maybe now is not the time, and it would be best to start once the studio is built – or maybe you can find the time to squeeze in some simpler blogging on a relaxed schedule, and then ramp it up when you get more time.

    Blog post ideas:

    1) The studio in process! Photos, ideas, progress, and planning.
    2) Case studies of custom design projects, from client idea to planning to process to finished piece and client feedback.
    3) More detailed discussion and examples of, “the complex geometry that occurs in nature.”
    4) “High” and “low” posts where you show the same piece of jewelry with a ball gown and with jeans and a t-shirt.
    5) Process and ideas for taking old, out of fashion jewelry, and making a new custom piece.

  66. Hello, Tish, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) What can people do with your marbled paper? Display it as art? Bookbinding? Notecards?
    2) The history of marbling and your unique spin on it.
    3) Expand each of your QnA topics on into a full blog post.
    4) Share more detail on one of your best sellers and what people like about it.
    5) Take the types of content you share on Instagram and Facebook and turn each into a blog post with more photos and detail.

  67. Hi Arianne,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to look through my site, and for your reply. It really helps a lot, especially about being a bit more personal.


  68. Wow! So glad I’m a newsletter subscriber so I get to print this list! Wonderful prompts for blogging, which I often struggle in coming up with content for!

    Bella Carta Boutique is a small stationery studio in New Jersey, specializing custom design for birthdays, babies and small businesses. I recently launched a small collection of wedding invitations and was thrilled with the feedback, and am excited to launch the second collection this summer. I’ll be honest – I struggle with what makes my business “unique”, and it is something I feel like I am constantly working on and thinking about… finding my niche & my ideal client are ongoing goals of mine.

  69. I always love reading your posts whenever I can find the time. This one is great! I’m planning to read more of the comments too.

    I’m working with you guys right now… but I’d love your input on blogging for my business (once I move back to Fussybutt,) since I have a really hard time blogging or even social networking at all. My products are all “unmentionables” so it can be so tricky to talk about them!

  70. This is such a great post! Blogging is something that I tend to greatly neglect but want to revue it.

    I own Beloved Paper and I do mostly watercolor wedding stationery and artwork. My goal for 2015 is to branch out into more than just wedding related so that I can keep my customers coming back. My mission for Beloved Paper is to celebrate the blessings of everyday life. I honestly have a hard time tying in the blog with my products. Often it is an inspirational type post and then I feel like it is just ‘look at the stuff I make’, and I am having a hard time bridging the gap between the two.

  71. Hello again, Holly, and thank you for sharing! I see good personal stuff on your blog, which is mostly relevant to what you sell – this stuff is great! Balance it out with more shopping-oriented posts and lifestyle posts. Blog post ideas:

    1) General parenting tips and advice – a regular Q&A feature? Recipes that toddlers like? Breastfeeding tips?
    2) More posts pairing your baby gear with noncompeting sellers’ items.
    3) Posts showing just what is so special about your baby goods, such as how to use the wipe clutch, what can fit in it, etc.
    4) What is a carseat canopy, and when does it come in useful? What else could you use it for?
    5) Blog posts about cute and useless items as compared to yours, or ugly and useful items as compared to yours (from “The List”).

  72. Hello Lotta, and thank you for sharing! My husband and I visited Helsinki quite a few years ago, and we were just delighted by what we saw of Finland in a few quick days. That is great that you’re translating the blog, and did you know that Facebook translates your Finnish posts for me when I visit? I just have to click “see translation” under your words. Blog post ideas:

    1) Show the process of a bottle cap collage from collecting the images, to putting it together, to the final piece.
    2) Share some new product ideas with your readers and see which they’re most interested in.
    3) Create a story about a collage and tell it in detail on the blog, with lovely photos.
    4) Share the work of other artists that you admire.
    5) Tell the story of the name Miss Matilda, and what it means to you.

  73. This is an excellent post! I already bookmarked it. I do like blogging at least once a week, aside from the Friday stashing blog post I do on Indie Untangled, but definitely have to be better about creating, and sticking to, an editorial calendar. And I have been trying to come up with ideas beyond interviews, What to Make, What I’m Knitting and color posts.

  74. Thank you for the kind words about our site, Noor! This contest is open only to product-based businesses, as that’s where my expertise lies, but it looks like you are already doing a great job on your blog! You post often and on a variety of subjects. I was going to suggest un-hiding your About page from the “home” link and adding your photo, but then I saw from your most recent blog post that it’s a conscious decision. Keep up the good work!

  75. Hello Miranda, and thank you for sharing. That is great that during your blog break you have been pushing Instagram photos to the blog – much better than nothing! Blog ideas:

    1) Expand on the Instagram posts with more photos and info.
    2) Share case studies of custom projects that put your potential clients’ minds at ease about the process.
    3) Post about events and celebrations people may want to purchase your cards for.
    4) Creative uses for cards that you just can’t bear to throw away after receiving.
    5) Thoughtful gifts that your cards would be a perfect match with.

  76. Wow, this couldn’t be more timely! I’m currently working (slowly!) through the B school program, and had always been really resistant to blogging. B School changed my mind, but I was STUCK for ideas– this post blew the doors wide open again! Thanks for practically doing my homework for me!
    I currently have a static site (, as well as an Etsy shop. My goal for this spring is to open an ecommerce site, with twice monthly blog posts. I’m realizing my approach really needs to be restructured– I’m hoping blogging will give me the outlet to share some of my incredible experiences, and connect with more people that need me.
    I design and custom create headpieces for ballet dancers & brides at Caryn Wells Designs. I’ve also just started adding ready-to-ship tiaras to my inventory, and using vintage jewelry in my work is quickly becoming a passion.
    Thank you so much for all of the inspiration you’ve already provided, as well as the incredible gift you’re giving each of us individually. Your generosity is astounding!
    All the best,

  77. This is an amazing offer and love all the comments and businesses I see here! LOVING my new Aeolidia website at HOORAY for Shalon and Shoshanna! I love the blogging and wonder if I get beyond my crafts/recipes/tips for life with baby and delve into the business side of things, will people care?! Thanks for your ideas, Arianne! Best, jennifer

  78. Hello again Leeanna! Blog post ideas:

    1) Home remedies for cleaning your jewelry (lead people to you instead of Google!).
    2) Show the process of hand stamping through pictures or a video.
    3) Show case studies of your favorite custom or personalized products, and your customer’s feedback.
    4) Explain common confusions in a friendly and helpful way.
    5) Unusual and interesting ideas for coordinate locations.

  79. Hello again, Brenda, and thank you for sharing! It looks like you’re doing a great job on the blog. Your post on the Piatto pillars is fascinating and establishes you as an expert, for sure. All of the posts I see are on topic, well-written, and have great photographs. If you could keep up the same thing on a regular schedule, you would be golden. Blog post ideas:

    1) Gift package ideas, including one of your products (for the baker, for the gardener, etc.).
    2) More info about your work “in a man’s world.”
    3) Your relationship with your customers, their ideas, and their feedback.
    4) Features about each different type of wood you use, what is special about it, and what you like to use it for.
    5) Tell us more about planting seedlings and let us visit your small trees through photography.

  80. Hello Karen, my friend, thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Articles on mending and caring for clothing.
    2) Ways to dispose of less in your daily life.
    3) How to pull together a timeless wardrobe that will last.
    4) How to choose clothing that is comfortable and flattering.
    5) Your own thoughts on how our wardrobe should work for us and make us feel.

  81. Hello Meg, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Feature how your different products are made, how you keep things local, and why it’s important to you.
    2) Show off custom projects from start to finish, with testimonials.
    3) Walk us through how you created a new or popular product, and some sketches of the original idea.
    4) Feature some shops your stationery is sold in, to give a feeling of your reach and niche.
    5) Share some creative uses for tea towels, if people can’t bear to get yours messy.

  82. Hello!
    I am in love with this post I am printing it out. I am in “what the heck do I blog about” hell right now.
    I used to have a blog For My Sweet Daughter where I blogged about life and family and creativity and just about everything. Unfortunately it attracted other makers and not buyers. So now I have a new line of jewelry and a blog I am afraid to write on.
    My new line is Emily and Eden -jewelry you never want to take off. I make recycled sterling silver jewelry. What makes me unique is that I want to make the world a happier, better place so all my jewelry is infused with happiness. I am an empath and I love connecting with others so I would love to find a way to both sell my jewelry and connect with others.
    Is that something realistic in a blog?
    My charity of choice is Save suicide awareness voices of education because I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and self esteem issues. We also found our friend’s body after she took her own life. So my mission is to make the world a happier place or to touch one person’s life in a positive way everyday.
    I’m sharing this post on facebook and my website is
    Thank you for all you do!
    Your’s is my favorite email to read.

  83. Hello again Stephanie, and thanks for sharing! You look to be doing a great job with your blog, posting regularly, often, and on topics that are both interesting and relevant. You’ve been blogging for quite a while, and I’d have a hard time adding to the idea list from just a quick peek around. Keep up the good work!

  84. Hi Kristen,

    I got a chance to look over your blog today, and you’re doing a great job! I’d suggest doing more of this, more often. Blog post ideas:

    1) The full story about Le Petit Gateau Du Temp Perdu
    2) More about your grandfather and sculpting with clay.
    3) Let us visit the sheep during shearing time through a photo essay.
    4) Share an example craft cube and customer feedback.
    5) Tips and advice for spinning yarn.

  85. Hello Amanda, and thanks for sharing! I’m happy to say that you do not need my help! You’re posting regularly and often on a variety of relevant topics. I would recommend keeping up the good work, keeping post types balanced, infusing your personality in, and responding to reader feedback by posting more of what’s popular. You’re doing great!

  86. Hello Julie, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) More about your earth-friendly choices.
    2) More holiday posts, such as your mothers’ day post.
    3) Ideas for stamping projects.
    4) Sneak peeks at upcoming product lines, or running ideas past your readers to see what flies.
    5) Sketchbook peeks!

  87. Hello Erin, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Recipes the whole family will love.
    2) Outdoor play ideas for toddlers (featuring photos of them in your hats)
    3) Improvements and details in your hats that makes them superior to other sun hats.
    4) Tips for getting an active child to wear a hat!
    5) Gifts or outfit ideas that go well with your hats.

  88. Thanks for the ideas!! I hadn’t thought of doing any spinning tips :). Will be adding these to my rotation soon!! Seriously hoping I’m lucky enough to win your contest! I’ve shared away and will continue to do so on Twitter πŸ™‚

  89. Hello Liz, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Thoughts on the switch to digital design.
    2) Share more of your patterns, more often and what inspired them (for now, we mostly just see the inspiration, but not your work)
    3) Think of the types of products you’d eventually like to see your patterns on and find ways of working these things into your blog.
    4) Take a course or do a challenge, and post the designs you come up with as homework.
    5) Share with us what you learn as you move forward.

  90. Hello Becky, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) When posting business-y type posts, consider your customer – are you writing to your peers or people who will buy from you? Make it an intriguing “slice of life” and remember that your goal is to sell your products.
    2) Show us your design or production process for a favorite product.
    3) Give people ideas of different ways to customize a cutting board – what could they celebrate?
    4) Put together gift guides of your product together with complementary products.
    5) Share creative ideas for your ornaments (hanging from a rearview mirror? create a mobile? a special gift tag? etc.)

  91. Hello Jillian, and thanks for sharing! Your portfolio-type posts that show an entire event and your designs are great – keep up the good work! Blog post ideas:

    1) Show a custom project’s inspiration board next to the final designs.
    2) Party ideas!
    3) DIY tutorials for people planning their own events.
    4) Tips for printing digital designs to look their best.
    5) Ways to celebrate the people you love any time of year.

  92. Hello Christy! Ha ha, I don’t think you should worry about “unmentionables.” People are way beyond that once they’re on your site. πŸ™‚ Blog post ideas:

    1) How to choose a style and size of cloth pad.
    2) How you came up with the idea and “road tested” Dundies (or any of your products).
    3) A roundup of your favorite washing and cleaning supplies.
    4) Eco-friendly lifestyle posts.
    5) Getting started cloth diapering – or tips cloth diapering pros could use.

  93. Wow, this is an amazing resource and has come at just the right time for me! I make colorful ceramic jewelry and decor at Quiet Clementine, although the jewelry has yet to make an appearance in my shop. My etsy shop is and my website is I recently made the switch to ceramics and rebranded my business with a new website and blog. I have a couple of posts but have been struggling with exactly what I should be writing about. I love inspirational type posts, such as colors, patterns, etc. that inspire me, but I know I need more variety! Thanks for your help!

  94. Thank you so much Arianne, that has given me a bit more focus. I am really enjoying reading blogs from people who share their ideas and tips for free, its so refreshing. I’m hoping one day I can help others out and ‘pay forward’ the goodwill I have received from you.
    Many thanks

  95. Thank you so much for these ideas! Love them & will definitely put them into use. πŸ™‚

    Greetings from sunny Central Finland and happy 1st of May! I hope the sun in shining where you are, too. β™₯

    Lotta xx

  96. Arianne, this is such amazing information! Thank you! I am still at the “percolating” time in developing my business, “Falcon Boy Craft Works”. I am prototyping some (going to be) crazy cute super hero dolls, and accessories for them. I have a domain name, and I am on Instagram, showing my progress on that, and other creative pursuits. I am at the moment trying to figure out my next baby step for my “online presence”, even though I don’t have anything to market/sell yet. I have been toying with the idea of setting up a blog with a link to my Instagram site, but then trying to think of good (and exciting) content about Falcon Boy progress… sort of deflates me a little…BUT! I am moving forward, because I love what I am doing, and *I quote* “The worst days for those who love what they do, are still far better than the best days for those who don’t.” Amen…now I still need to quit that part time job of mine….soon! πŸ˜‰

  97. Thank you Arianne – very insightful suggestions (and so nice to have someone coming to it fresh!) Muchly appreciated x

  98. Oh my golly, thanks for this – fantastic and great timing as I am about to launch my own website (been working with an amazing company on it!!) which includes a blog. I am so nervous about blogging and completely lacking confidence in doing so – am not witty nor clever with words….aggghh! So scary!

    Anyway my business, XOXO stationery, is a wee company in Scotland. I produce high quality personalised notepads in a range of styles using classic and contemporary fonts and a bit of colour. I also have started to produce personalised mugs and notebooks with shopping totes coming very soon.

  99. Arianne, I am so glad you wrote this epic post! I think it will enjoy its new home in my Bookmarks Bar.

    My business, Amanda Burton, is a lifestyle brand for mamas and mamas-to-be, built around my passion for inspiring, motivating and empowering women to do their best. It’s not about being the best, it’s about doing your best–and that’s the best you can do!

    I create ordinary tools with extraordinary meaning. Our flagship product is a stylish and inspiring pregnancy keepsake journal.

    I would love your ideas for collaborative and authoritative posts!

  100. We have a blog page (designed by your amazing team!) but we have been focused on our core business this past year. Now we are looking for more ways to drive potential customers to our site and we are wondering if the blog is a way to do it. would love some insight and blog ideas for a children’s fashion website. xoxo

  101. Hiya- thanks SO much for this list, it’s really helpful! My biz is unique because I’m partnering with folk artists around the world and showcasing their traditional crafts as DIY kits and patterns- it’s a respectful way for all of us to re-create folk art while honoring its origins and artists.

  102. Thanks so much for the list! Our blog gets pushed to the back burner, namely due time constraints. Now, thanks to you, we have some ideas to jumpstart our posting.

    Smitten for the Wee Generation ( is a boutique that specializes in things of beauty, quality and utility for the young (and the young at heart). We proudly support designers from around the world who share our passion for thoughtful design, manufacturing with a conscience, and quality craftsmanship. We are branching out and creating some of our own products this year as well, which we are really excited about! We are all about celebrating childhood at its simplest, and showcase products that are unique, full of color, and filled with the quirky brilliance of childhood.

  103. Arianne! First let me say you are absolutely amazing. I love that you give so much to inspire & help us creatives grow our business. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    As you probably know, I started my blog with the launch of my absolutely stunning new website design. I have several notebook pages with blog ideas. However, when I sit to write them I struggle with personal vs. professional. I have a post I wrote months ago but haven’t posted because I’m concerned it’s more personal instead of business. After reading this post I’m realizing I should revisit it. Another issue I need to overcome, I always fear a photo with just a sentence or two is not enough for the blog but rather better for social media. As I type this I’m realizing I have a lot of expectations for my blog… maybe that’s my issue & not prioritizing or ideas but rather self-imposed pressure. Damn. What a revelation… Thanks Arianne!

    Of course, I’d still love your input, as always.
    a. favorite design ( is a Chicago based letterpress greeting card company. Our missions is to encourage long-distance warm fuzzies through snail mail. We’ve been creating greeting cards professionally since 2005. We specializes in designing & printing greeting cards with a classic Americana feel. Many inspired by my passion for old school ephemera & office supplies. I design & print everything in house with the help of a small but caring staff.

    Thanks again!

  104. Hello, Sarah, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Show us photos or a video of how you mix paints and share where you get your color inspiration.
    2) Options and inspiration for finding stamps to use on your lovely new wedding stationery.
    3) Share a project you did that was not in your usual style, and what it taught you about your craft.
    4) Interview your customers about their weddings and share details and photos.
    5) Your favorite occasions to send a personal card for, and ways to make it easy to keep up with correspondence.

  105. Hello Lisa, always nice to hear from you! Thank you for sharing. You folks who are doing great with your blogs are killing me! πŸ˜€ Time to get really creative! Blog post ideas:

    1) Insider knitting tips that newbies may not know.
    2) Your preferred method and why, on any knitting method where there are multiple ways of doing it.
    3) Ask a question posts about the above topic (ask your readers which way they prefer).
    4) The Skeinminder post was fascinating – try more tool and supplies recommendations.
    5) Profile people who use yarns in non-knitting crafty ways, such as Bamboletta with her yarn-haired dolls, or people doing weavings or some other yarny art.

  106. Hello Caryn, and thanks for sharing! You have a way with words, and I think your blog will be wonderful. Blog post ideas:

    1) Regular posts about your experience with ballet dancers – this sounds absolutely fascinating, and I’m sure brides would love to feel like dancers through your posts. Do you have photos of your work with dancers?
    2) Show crowns paired with dresses and share your tips on planning a crown to work with a dress.
    3) Share a round up of different ways to customize with flowers and ribbons.
    4) Take any project from your custom work page and share more of the design process, the creation process, and photos of the piece on the dancer (if you have them).
    5) Take any of the stunning press on your press page and expand upon it with a personal story of your part in the process.

    You could also reprint the merdegirlmagazine piece on your own blog (if you have permission) or write others like it.

  107. Hello Jen – we loved being able to help out! Thanks for sharing. Yep, people will care if you post about the products. They’re on your site because they’re interested in the products! You’re doing great with the parenting and lifestyle posts, and could use some help with promotional posts, so that’s what I’ll list. Blog post ideas:

    1) Creative uses for a wet + dry bag.
    2) Share more about your team and how you create your products.
    3) What are “closed loop production systems” and why will your customers care?
    4) Write about bamboo and why it makes such a good fabric for babies.
    5) Show how you package an adorable product, such as the Sushi Roll wash cloths!

  108. Hello again, Lisa! Always nice to hear from you. You are another one of these darn people that’s doing an incredible job on their blog and making it hard for me to come up with anything new! πŸ˜€ Trust yourself; you’re doing great! Your topics are interesting and on point (I love them, even though I find gardening a drag, so that’s saying something), your graphics are beautiful, and you have good reader engagement. You have lots of great gardening posts, but not as much promoting your products, so… Just because I like ya – blog post ideas:

    1) Gifts for gardeners round up posts, with great gift ideas, always including something from your Etsy shop.
    2) Gifts FROM the garden round up posts, same as above, but ways for people to package their vegetable and flowers, etc. to send with one of your cards.
    3) Garden activities with kids (and include a tutorial on making a memory game out of two sets of your vegetable stickers).
    4) Seasonal cooking or recipe content for those that find themselves with too much zucchini, etc. I see you’ve done pesto and pickles.
    5) Container gardening or terrariums for those who love your work but live in apartments.

    Whew, that was hard! I found that you’d already done many of my initial ideas (an article about rain gardens mentioning your rain garden print), and I hope there’s at least one thing new to you in that list above. πŸ™‚

  109. Hello Shannon, and thank you for sharing! “I would love to find a way to both sell my jewelry and connect with others.” Yes, that is exactly what a blog is for! Blog post ideas:

    1) Where do you get you recycled silver, why is recycling important to you, and what makes it great for jewelry?
    2) Show your tools and process, so people can see that your work is all touched by you, with your heart in it.
    3) Discuss how you develop your designs, when you go back to the drawing board, and how you build a full collection around an idea.
    4) Tips on layering necklaces.
    5) A series sharing an inspirational quote, like you have on Instagram, along with a story of what it means to you, and how your customers can incorporate the inspiration into their everyday.

  110. Hello Christa, and thanks for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Why should I cook for my parrot? why what you feed your parrot is important.
    2) Tips on keeping your parrot in the best of health.
    3) Treats you can add to a parrot’s diet that are fun and healthy.
    4) Foods that you can share with your parrot.
    5) Why ____ nutrient/vitamin is important, and how you can make sure your bird gets it.

  111. Hello Emily, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) A case study of a custom project, how you designed and created it.
    2) How you helped with Open Ground Studio, and what goes on there.
    3) An overview of what happens during your classes, what people will learn, and showcase student work.
    4) Different types of leather, and which type you like for what projects.
    5) The history of bookbinding and marbling, and what you do differently.

  112. Hello Hana, and thank you for sharing! Oh, zoinks! Your work is just beautiful and I’m smitten! Blog post ideas:

    1) Tell us about these things: “things happened that I believe were leading me to this exact business”
    2) Process: show things before and after the kiln, before and after glazing.
    3) Share your booth and what was a popular seller after a craft fair.
    4) A new technique you learned and how you’re using it.
    5) More about your dad and creativity in your family.

  113. Hello Jennifer, and thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, without a website or a shop, it’s hard for me to add to what you have, since all I see is the blog posts. It looks like you are already doing a good job showing your process and your personality. You blog consistently and have been doing so for years. Keep up the good work, and I hope the list above is helpful! I’m so glad to hear that the newsletter has been.

  114. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hi Maggie! Blog post ideas:

    1) Share your sweet custom products, the request you got from your customer, your process, and their feedback (that shark at the park mug!).
    2) Putting a class gift together for a teacher (featuring your products)
    3) How you use your weekly planner.
    4) More info and pics of the artists’ town of Kirkcudbright in South West Scotland!
    5) Tips for reasonable to-do lists that will really help you get things done.

  115. Hi hi, Elizabeth – you know I just love Wee Mondine! Blog post ideas:

    1) Interview and feature your producers and designers. Explain why you love them and why your customers should, too!
    2) Round ups of outfits and toys for little ones around seasonal themes, colors, favorite books, or anything else.
    3) Fun outdoor activities for kids (and show them romping in their Wee Mondine outfits).
    4) Birthday party ideas.
    5) Modest girls’ swimwear for summer.

  116. Hello, Kerrie, and thank you for sharing! Blog post ideas:

    1) Share the process of how you’re designing and creating your own new products to build interest in them.
    2) Share some simple activities you can do with your kids with the stuff you have around your house.
    3) Feature a project and expand upon how it could be used. For example, the adorable needlepoint kit – what could the child use it for after stitching it?
    4) You sell products by so many designers who are busily promoting their own work. Perhaps you could reprint some of their blog posts about their products, or interview them.
    5) Showcase some crazy faces with the Facemaker blocks.

  117. Hello, Amber, it’s always nice to hear from you! Yes, a blog can be anything you want, and I’d much rather see your shop blog stocked with short and sweet posts than sit empty because you’re trying to make something mind-blowing. You don’t have to blow people’s minds every time, but you do need to show up regularly, be friendly, and provide value. Blog post ideas:

    1) Show off your presses and tell their stories.
    2) Show the process of creating a card from first scribble to packaging it to send.
    3) Share reader stories of their most treasured correspondence.
    4) Pair your cards with gifts for made up occasions.
    5) Share your favorite fonts and what you love about them, paired with a card using the font.

    Congratulations! You are the last person who got the 5 post ideas, because I’ve been at it all week and my brain is frizzled now! πŸ˜€

  118. Arianne – You are fabulous! I was curious about which direction you’d head and love these! You’re right, I don’t play up my products enough. I’m always worried I’ll sound too sales-y (is that a word?!). I love how you packaged them…especially the matching game! And jeez, I can’t believe I haven’t covered container gardens or terrariums! Great idea! I know this takes a lot of time and I really appreciate your fresh insight. It’s been so much fun reading your suggestions for everyone. Thank you!

  119. Hi Arianne, I know in my heart of hearts that I need a blog to tie to my jewelry business. But the thought of adding another time-consuming task not to mention another set of skills scares my to death. I hoping your suggestions will take some of the fear away plus give me a bit of a push to start a blog. I make jewelry that has a modern vibe.

  120. What a fabulous resource – I’m going to print this out and come back to it when I feel stuck for ideas. For several years I abandoned my blog and focused on social media… but now I’m getting back to long-form blogging so this post is perfectly timed….

  121. Hi! I’m a graphic designer ( focusing on typographic art prints. I recently added a blog section to my site, but was never really sure what to talk about. I would love some ideas! I’ve been reading and re-reading this amazing post over the past few days. Thank you so much for the wealth of valuable info you’ve shared here!

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