Free Marketing Ideas: How to Build a Smart Business

by Arianne Foulks

March 8, 2016

There are a lot of things to know when you’re running your own business, aren’t there? So many decisions to make, from choosing an ecommerce platform, to setting pricing that will work for wholesale and retail, to how to bring customers to your website (Do you have to blog? And what about? Do you need to use social media? How?). Aeolidia to the rescue!

A quick way to get the info you need to build your creative business!

Are you already a newsletter subscriber? Then you know what I’m going to talk about in this post. If you’ve been enjoying the newsletter, please share this post with your biz friends, so they can get in on it, too. Not a subscriber, but curious why you’d want another darn email in your inbox? Here are the top benefits of getting my newsletter (and some testimonials, because testimonials are fun).

Free marketing ideas and so much more from Aeolidia

In the early days (or years) of a business, it’s just you, trying to work on absolutely everything. You could sit down in front of Google and learn it all from scratch, or you could learn from the successes, mistakes, and ideas of other creative businesses that work like yours does. Often, it’s hard to know what questions to even ask!

Answering these unasked questions is what makes writing for the Aeolidia blog fun for me, and I particularly enjoy the relationships I build with my newsletter. I keep getting pleasantly surprised emails from new Aeolidia newsletter subscribers, and I realized I haven’t been adequately describing what you get when you sign up.


Hi Arianne

I can’t thank you enough. I am going to be reading for a while. I feel like
someone has just taken my hand and is leading me through a maze.

I do appreciate you sending me all the wonderful information, and although
I have been reading and looking at your website for a long time, it is nice
to have all the “required reading” at hand.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



That sounds awesome, I want to subscribe!

Have a direct line to experienced professionals

Arianne of Aeolidia

That’s mostly me, but also the rest of the Aeolidia team. We’ve been creating ecommerce sites and designing logos, brands, packaging, and more for years. We’ve worked closely with successful businesses and have gained a lot of knowledge along the way.

I want to hear from my newsletter subscribers. I ask people to let me know what they want to learn from me, and my door is open to quick questions about business direction or strategy from subscribers. I appreciate being welcomed to your inbox, and I like to offer something in return for that trust. All emails come directly from me, and you can hit reply to start a conversation any time (and I hope you will!).


I am so glad to hear from you and to begin learning from you and all of your experience. I was so happy to hear about your feed on Instagram and to find out that you offer this amazing newsletter. It is such a scary thing to enter into business on your own but it is people like yourself that make the journey a well lit path. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you!


I have something to ask, I’ll subscribe!

Get insider information that can’t be found anywhere else

Subscribers get a weekly email from me. This is where I share information that might be too time-sensitive, specific, or has too much insider info for the blog (for instance when I share good and bad experiences with printers). I spend a lot of time on these messages, and I’m very interested in providing value and remaining welcome in your inbox.

Our newsletter isn’t just recycled blog posts. It’s always something new, and is rarely shared again.


Your emails are always looked forward to over here, so if you feel like creating a “let’s bug this list every two hours 6 days a week” list, you can add me to it ASAP.

Happy Wednesday!!


Oh, I didn’t realize the newsletter was different than the blog – I’m excited to subscribe!

Enjoy access to a free video course and other resources

My full talk at the Maker Mentors online conference
My full talk at the Maker Mentors online conference

I have been building up a treasure trove of free guides and help that I only share with newsletter subscribers. This includes my entire 45 minute video presentation from the Maker Mentors conference about how to make your business stand out in the crowd (only available directly from me or by paying for access to the content from Maker Mentors).

Our treasure trove has our spreadsheet that allows you to calculate what your fees would be on Etsy and each different Shopify plan level (the results might surprise you!). It also has a hearty handful of worksheets and tools to use to see where your business is at and make plans for where you want it to be.

Subscribers may access our free resources area, and can download and print our PDF guides at any time. These include:

  • Using Pinterest to Market Your Business
  • How to Create an Editorial Calendar
  • Define Your Role to Reclaim Your Time
  • 260 Blog Post Ideas
  • How To Get Targeted Traffic
  • Who Is Your Dream Customer?
  • Building Your Brand
  • Ecommerce Setup Checklist
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Building the Story of Your Brand


Wow, that video course with the puppets looks super cool, how can I subscribe?

Begin with my guide to getting oriented


For new subscribers, I catch you up on the best emails you missed before you joined, and the blog posts on our site that will make the biggest difference to your business. I share the most inspiring case studies and work from our portfolio, and send you a checklist of what you’ll need for your business. These go out once a week at the start and are a perfect “start here” for actionable advice and inspiration for anyone working to grow their creative business.

Rather than just dumping you into a stream of emails from a team you may not be familiar with, I like to thank you for joining by sending some information right away that you can really use to improve your business.

Once you’ve gotten my first few emails, you’ll:

  • Be able to charge more
  • See how a brand identity can sell your products
  • Know how to drive traffic to your site
  • Be prepared for the 5 things you’ll NEED for success


What should I get started with? I’ll subscribe and find out!

Get reviews of printers and packaging sources monthly

Aeolidia marketing materials

Once a month I send out a detailed email about some of our printed marketing materials and client gifts/swag, chock full of mistakes I made, things I’d do differently, and honest reviews of printers, with links to check them out yourself. We take the risks so you don’t have to.

Other people in your industry work hard to find their sources and won’t want to share with competitors. It can be very hard to find this info. That’s why it doesn’t feel right to share directly on the blog, but I do like to share it privately with my subscribers.

All the past emails are saved for you in your resource area so you’ll have them at hand when working on print projects – and so you can get caught up with the ones from before you subscribed.


I so enjoy your blog and newsletters. I have spent weeks researching the web for good advice and help but since I found you I have stopped googling and instead go straight to your website.

Keep doing what you do,
Julia S


What?! You’re sharing sources? Sign me up!

Participate in live Q&A sessions with experts

I send information about upcoming Q&A sessions with business experts – these happen in our Facebook group, and it’s a good way to remember to put them on your calendar. We’re currently doing these once a month, and have covered topics from why store owners accept or reject your products to pitching your products to magazine editors.


Love your newsletter, I’ve turned a few friends on to it. Your article about Facebook set something free within my soul as I’ve been feeling the sting of rejection every time I post and fewer and fewer people “like” it. I’ve even paid a few times for advertising with no results. I no longer give a crap, which is so liberating!


I’d love chatting with experienced business owners without all the spam and snarkiness – let me in!

Welcome to the world of Aeolidia!

Aeolidia manifesto

The newsletter is a cozy little place for me to talk right to you, and these messages tend to be chattier and more informal than what you see on our blog. The next best thing to getting to sit down with you and have a chat about your business!

I love the connections I make via my newsletter, and the enthusiastic emails I get from my subscribers about what I’m sending make it fun to jump into MailChimp once a week to send you something helpful. I do hope you’ll join in with me.

Please enter in your email address below, if you’re interested – you’ll get instant access to our members area and our print series of emails. Reply to my first email to let me know what kind of information you’re interested in, and odds are I’ll get it to you!

You can join right here:

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We write a new email each week to help you grow your business.

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We write a new email each week to help you grow your business.

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