Best Business Moments From Our Readers

Best Business Moments

I have some more wonderful Best Business Moments for you!

Once upon a time, you decided to take charge of your destiny, quit your job, roll up your shirt sleeves, and make it happen. How I admire small business owners!

I’m sure you find yourself working much harder and longer hours than when you were employed by someone else. If not now, at least at the beginning you were tasked with doing absolutely everything to get things off the ground, including things that weren’t in your particular skill range, such as accounting, packaging design, or marketing.

Does running your business make you happy? Happiness is overrated. The best moments running a business can be times that aren’t exactly “happy”:

  • Overcoming a challenge
  • Working up the bravery to do something that scares you
  • Making the leap to do something you’re not sure you’re ready for yet
  • Pulling all-nighters and finding you’ve accomplished something that almost seemed impossible

I sent out a call for these type of Best Business Moments via our newsletter, and it was great to hear your stories. Below are a few of my favorites. I hope you’ll visit their sites and be inspired, as I was.

Creating a blog and ebook

Best business moment: Lisa Orgler DesignFinally pulling my food illustration and garden design talents into one blog, then working hard for several months to create my first eBook, The Peanut Butter & Jelly Garden, that highlights both of these loves.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Lisa Orgler, Owner Lisa Orgler Design

Making a difference in the lives of others

Best business moment: CabinPress StudioMy life in a little nutshell saw me retire with a 31 year career in Natural Resource Management with federal + state governments, it was a special time with life long friends + memories indeed! Now I run my own bespoke Letterpress + design business.

My most inspiring moment in business is knowing that the work I do makes a difference in the lives of others.

There is nothing more inspirational than to see the faces of my clients light up when they see how we have woven together a stationery piece for them that genuinely speaks to their audiences and represents who they are. It takes a special client to enjoy and understand “bespoke” — no templates for us!

I suppose you could say that my passion is guiding others to bring their vision to life, while arming them with the strategy and ideas to do so effectively in my world of Letterpress printing!

Denise Newberry, Owner CabinPress Studio

Becoming a confident traveler

Best business moment: Zinnia Folk ArtsI have loved Mexico my whole life–since living and studying in Toluca when I was 16 years old. And in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to have a boutique to share the beautiful, handmade crafts of Mexico with people who don’t know Mexico or will never go to Mexico or they don’t know how to ship from a foreign country or maybe they go but they are overwhelmed by all of the junky junk that’s actually imported from China (yes! it’s true).

One of my biggest hurdles was overcoming the fear of going to Mexico *on my own*and hunting for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of handmade folk art in all of the different regions of that country. After going with a friend a few times and getting the lay of the land, in terms of, where to go, who to visit, the logistics of transporting large quantities of fragile ceramics or Day of the Dead figures around Mexico and back to the US, learning what to do for US customs and SO many other challenges, I have been traveling alone on buying trips in Mexico for about 4 years.

My best business moment now is landing at the airport in Mexico City and knowing that I can do it.

Thanks for the opportunity to think about this!

-Anne Damon, Owner Zinnia Folk Arts

Share your best business moment

What about you? I’d love to hear about a moment you had with your own business where it all felt worth it and you were very glad to be working for yourself and blazing your own trail.

I enjoy hearing this kind of story, and it can be so valuable for businesses who are just starting out to hear what others have experienced. I hope you’ll share with our readers in the comments.