How to Create Content that Connects: Your About Page

One of the hardest pages for a lot of us indieprenuers to create content for is our about page! It’s hard to write about ourselves, and there’s so much we could say, and could share – how do we pare it down? What’s essential? What do we include that will actually help us draw in and connect with customers?

You may think your about page isn’t all that important, but statistically speaking, it’s the second most viewed page on a website, after your main shop/services page. Why do you think that is? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with online before they buy!

So, your about page really is an important one to put some time and consideration into. It’s a powerful spot to reach out to your customers in a way that helps create reassurance and trust in what you have to offer them, and the place to start building a relationship that will lead to sales!

Here are some tips on how to write an about page that does just that:

Remember, it’s not really about you

I have something to tell you that might offer some relief if you freeze up at the thought of having to write about yourself (as so many of us do) – your about page isn’t really all about you, it’s about your customers!

It’s the perfect opportunity to talk directly to them, show them you understand what they need, and share the reasons why you’re the right person to give that to them. Place your focus on connecting what you have to offer with what you know your customers are looking for.

Share the pieces of your story and background that relate to their story. Focus less on trying to describe what you do, and more on communicating why you do it. Less on how you do what you do, and more on the value and benefits your customers will receive through your work.

In short, your about page is the perfect place to start to connect. Keep that goal in the back of your mind as you’re writing, make it your mantra: connect, connect, connect. 

This is between you & I

I suggest dropping the third person formality. You’ll find it’s pretty standard on about pages, but it creates a sort of barrier between you and your customers, a distance. Go on and refer to yourself as me, myself and I (and please don’t use “we” unless there really are multiple people at the helm!). It makes your page much more personable, relatable and it’s much easier to write that way – bonus!

Your greatest asset is your YOUness, and especially if you’re a small, solo-prenuer brand, you want people to know that! This is something that will appeal to your dream customer. It’s not more “professional” or impressive to do the third person thing, and you don’t need to try to sound like a larger business than you actually are. This is about being real, honest and showing yourself in order to engage trust in your potential customers.

That can only happen when it’s between YOU + I. Those are two words that should show up a lot on your about page!

Have a conversation

Think about meeting a potential customer in real life. How would you introduce yourself and talk about what you do? How would you engage someone to see if they might be interested in what you offer, if you were face to face?

Would you lead with your education, years of experience and recognition you’ve received? Or would you start by finding a point of familiarity, of shared experience, something you have in common? Would you start by expressing interest in them?

That’s the exact sort of conversation you want to have on your about page.That’s right, it’s a conversation. Your website is your online home, so imagine your customer sitting at your kitchen table, cup of coffee in hand, and just talk to them. Be curious and considerate of their needs and desires and what may have brought them to you. 

If you make an effort to show an interest in who they are and what they need, they’ll be much more engaged and more likely to consider you the right person to give them what they’re looking for.

Show yourself

I mean this both literally and figuratively!

First off, we gotta see a photo of your face. I’m amazed at how many sites I still come across that don’t have a photo on their about page! This is an immediate connection killer. It creates another barrier, an air of mystery, a “Who is this person? Can I really trust them?” vibe.

What’s the first rule in connecting to someone during a conversation? Eye contact! Same rule applies online. Your customers want to look you in the eyes and see who they’re dealing with. It will only aid their familiarity and trust in you, which is what leads to sales!

Secondly, in the text, you want to show who you are. Share your story, share your struggles, share your passion. Get a little personal and share the human stuff so your customers can see there’s a real person behind this business, one they can relate to.

Think about what fears and obstacles you’ve had to overcome to create the business you have now…

This could be that at 45 you were finally ready to quit your soul-sucking job and take the leap into self-employment and follow your true dreams. It could be that you never could find simple jewelry that worked with any outfit, that matched your aesthetic, so you decided to create your own line. It could be that you’ve personally struggled with creating healthy habits in your life for years and once you found what worked for you, you created your health-coaching biz to share your techniques and knowledge with others.

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a story in there and it stems from a struggle you overcame, a problem you found a solution for, or a personal desire you fulfilled. Think not just about what you do and what you have to offer, but WHY. Why is it important to you? How did you get there? Those are the details that will give your customers insight into who you are and help them create a personal connection with you.

Share your skills

Towards the end of the conversation is where you can share your skills, schooling, experience, recognition received, etc. – the “proof” you have of your talent and expertise. If you share these things after you’ve worked to establish a personal connection, it will serve more as validation of your knowledge, commitment and integrity, and can become a further aid in establishing that oh so important trust factor.

If you lead with this stuff though, or if that’s all you include, like I see on many about pages, it can feel cold and empty. It’s good information to share, certainly, but it’s not engaging or personal.

People buy because of how you can help them, because of how your work makes them feel about themselves – not because you have a certain title or degree or notoriety. Establish connections first and let your reputation follow.

Some good examples from Aeolidia designed sites:

  • Aeolidia – the A-team has a great about page, of course! It speaks directly to our dream customers, asking questions that address the concerns, struggles, hopes and fears you may have and sharing how we can help. It talks right to you, and you even get to see the faces of the entire team and learn a bit about who we are.
  • Handcrafted HoneyBee – Stacia’s own story takes a backseat to the stories of the girls and young women she’s reaching with her empowering products. Her about page addresses questions and concerns, shows her passion, and energizes customers to then follow the calls to action at the bottom to make a purchase.
  • Indie Untangled – Lisa does really well at connecting her interests with her customer’s interests. You can tell she knows who they are. She tells the story of the struggles she had, which her customers share, and then explains why her business is the solution to overcoming those. Her passion for what she does shines through.
  • Love, Georgie – Robyn does well at speaking directly to her customers, sharing what she hopes they get out of her line, as well as sharing her story about how her business came to be. Her focus is on gift giving, not bragging about her company. Her page is personable and really connects with those who value small business and warm hearts.
  • Emily McDowell – Emily does great at showing her approachable, friendly personality through her about page. She begins with a mission statement that speaks directly to her perfect customers. The why behind what she does comes through well, sharing the commonalities she has with her customers, and connecting on an emotional level.

Hope that helps give you some ideas on how to craft your own about page that truly connects with customers! Just talk to them, keep them in the forefront of your mind, and let it flow.

Have questions? Comments? We’d love to hear them below!

psst: this is part of a series on how to create content that connects with your customers. Be sure to check out the first post on creating your homepage content, if you missed it!