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Professional ecommerce copywriting is vital for making the sale. Our copywriter will work closely with you to craft compelling and polished text for use on your new website. She will learn about your business and point of view so she can write in your “voice.”

The wording used for your marketing copy needs to be engaging, informational, and trustworthy, with the goal of making a sale. Find out how copywriting can help lifestyle brands convert traffic to sales.. In order to bring a lifestyle brand to, well…life, your values need to be well-communicated.

If you’re struggling with telling the driving narrative of your brand, it could be that you’re too close to see the big picture. We can write your Shopify home page copy, your About page and biographical text, and product descriptions. We are also able to copy edit pages on your site such as your FAQ page, shipping and returns policies, and more.

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The Shopify websites we design have a reputation for substantial improvements to ecommerce conversion rates and online sales. Let's talk!

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