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Copywriting for Lifestyle Brands

by Natalia Sylvester

May 11, 2017 / Updated: January 17, 2023

Sometimes a brand is about much more than a product. It’s about a passion, a story, a way of seeing the world and living in it that’s so unique, it’s like a beacon that guides you towards your people. Lifestyle brands inspire and empower customers to achieve a way of life — whether it’s through a specific aesthetic, set of values, or a philosophy. How does hiring a copywriter help with all of that? Let’s explore:

Take the minimalist aesthetic and philosophy behind Hemleva.

Gift and housewares logo design by Aeolidia - find out how hiring a copywriter can help your brand

The inspiring call to live your dreams and thrive at it, embodied by Living Well Spending Less.

Ecommerce site for a planner business - find out how hiring a copywriter can help your brand

Or the slow-living movement encouraging customers to embrace wonder and creativity with Twig & Tale’s fabric patterns.

how hiring a copywriter can help your brand stand out - cute kiddo in a cozy coat

The beauty of lifestyle brands is their ability to connect with customers on an emotional level. They help customers dream, aspire, imagine and attain a way of living that they truly desire. This type of emotional connection is built on a foundation of values that in turn, inspires loyalty to your brand and products. But in order to bring a lifestyle brand to, well…life, these values need to be well-communicated.

How to bring your lifestyle brand to life with copywriting

If you’re unsure if your brand is a lifestyle brand, consider the following questions:

  • What is the big picture, the greater purpose, behind your products?
  • Think of your dream customer—what does your product bring to their lives?
  • If you were to build a community made up of your dream customers, what is the glue that would hold them together?
  • What are your core values, and in what way, if any, are these connected to your brand?

Now consider the story that your brand is telling. Perhaps it’s all about living authentically and spreading goodness through ethically-made products. Perhaps it’s about carving your own path with outdoor goods that inspire spontaneity and a connection to nature. Whatever the story, your products are only one part of it. To fully communicate the essence of your lifestyle brand, your copy and messaging need to do two things:

  1. Invite customers to imagine themselves living in the world your brand embodies
  2. Show them how your product fits into that world and enables their desired outcome

Hiring a copywriter for your lifestyle brand

If you’re struggling with telling the driving narrative of your brand, it could be that you’re too close to see the big picture. Stepping back and getting outside perspective can be a real game-changer for brands. It’s why we work with clients at all stages to pair marketing consultations with copywriting. Think of it as soul-searching for your brand: we dig deep to help you look inward to rediscover and reconnect with the essence of your brand. Then we use this foundation to build your core mission, shed light on your driving values and philosophies, and write copy that illuminates your message for all the right customers to hear.

Most projects will include copywriting for at a minimum, three core components of your website:

Your home page: this is usually the first introduction customers get to your online space. The purpose of your home page copy should be to quickly communicate what you’re all about—in a way that connects with visitors on an emotional level and entices them to want to learn more.

Your about page: Now that visitors like what they see, they’ll want to learn more about who you are, what you’re selling, and why you do it. Your about page is your chance to go into more depth and tell the story behind your brand. Keep in mind that this story should not be all about you—it should be about what you can bring to enhance your customers’ lives.

Your product descriptions: Paired with beautiful product photography and vivid, specific language that showcases the unique qualities of your products, a good product description will tell a customer all the vital specifics of product (what it is, what purpose it serves) in a way that ties it all back to your brand’s story.

Since every brand is different, your project may expand beyond these 3 core elements. Maybe your project requires additional copy, such as an information page explaining how your products work. Or, you may find you want to charm customers with an unboxing experience, and need a thank you note written to include in every package.

The possibilities are endless because each story is entirely unique. How will we tell yours?

View more examples of our copywriting projects in our portfolio.

Get in touch today if you’re considering hiring a copywriter to help tell your story.

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