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A Fun Design That’s High End Without Being Stuffy

by Arianne Foulks

July 9, 2013

Little Hip Squeaks logo design

Christine CastroPlease welcome Christine Castro to the Aeolidia team! She’s been working on a few projects for us since spring, and the first completed one is Little Hip Squeaks, which I’m sharing with you today.

Christine has been on my radar for years and years, and I’ve always loved her work. I nudged her over a year ago to join forces with us, and then when I saw her at Alt Summit this January I let her know that we were looking for a new designer, hoping to get a recommendation from her. She told me she’d be in touch if she came up with anyone, and happily, when she got in touch, the new designer was her!

She  fits in with our gang perfectly, and I feel like she’s been working with us all along. I think you’ll agree that her work is just perfectly “Aeolidia:” simple and charming without being too cute or trendy. Without further ado, the Little Hip Squeaks rebrand!

Little Hip Squeaks Rebranding Project

Little Hip Squeaks website design

Our stated objective for this project was:

To re-brand and re-launch your luxury children’s shop, with a brand that is both playful and sophisticated. The goal will be to position you for success with your manufacturing and retail endeavors, as well as to create an ecommerce website that will be easy to use, flexible, and extensible, and allow for future growth, keeping your wholesale clients in mind from the beginning.

Amy came to us with these problems to solve:

The growth of our brand has been pretty major over the last 6 months—although I am a designer myself, I never seem to find the “it” this brand needs to have. Too busy with growing the biz, I can’t focus, or even think of what direction I’d like to take the logo and identity. We are a children’s brand, playful but luxury and sophisticated, so I don’t want to look childish, but I also want to be obviously a brand for children.

We are about to embark on the world of manufacturing, and have a lot of major internal changes for our company—we are also working with several major retailers, and feel that before I invest in tagging/branding I want to REALLY love our logo and brand.

Logo Design Process

With that in mind, Christine set to work on a hand-lettered script logo for Little Hip Squeaks. There was a clear winner from the first round, and the logo process went quickly. Here are the first logo mocks:

Little Hip Squeaks' rough logo concepts
Rough logo concepts

Christine shared,

You gave me great, clear direction: strong typography, curvy, modern, sophisticated, and playful but not childish. Something that appeals to hip, young, modern women.

I created four hand-drawn concepts, each with an accompanying monogram. In order to avoid getting cutesy, I kept the type clean with simple illustrative elements (including one sketch with olive branches, like you requested). I also tried to avoid anything too trendy, like the arrows that I agree are now seen everywhere. I think a logo that “holds back” a little will have a longer life span for you and continue to fit your brand as the seasons change and your business grows.

Once the logo was revised and polished, Christine worked on a color scheme and some matching graphic elements, putting together the final branding report, that would then be used to style the website.

Little Hip Squeaks branding by Aeolidia


Website Design

Now it was time to set up a website that would serve Amy’s business well and position her correctly to be able to reach her goals for Little Hip Squeaks. She gave us these plans to focus on:

We are spending too much on Etsy fees, and tons of our traffic we are generating ourselves from social media or advertising. We have a fairly large social media following and would like to bring those buyers over from our Etsy shop to our personal shop. I’d also like the ability to have a downloadable linesheet as well as an option for wholesale buyers to purchase directly from our website rather than our current system or emailing orders/invoicing via PayPal.

We also want to really start a bigger focus on our blog and media presence, because we are driving so many sales from those.

Staying consistent with the new branding, the homepage design is sophisticated but playful, clean and easy to navigate. Christine made the logo white across a gray background, with the main content on a white background so that Amy’s photography really pops.

The hexagons act as the primary visual detail — not at all cutesy but still fun! Not only do they appear up top, but they act as rollover effects in the navigation.

Christine shared this about the category page design, shown below:

The collection page includes a 3 x 4 grid of square images, as requested. The banner up top features the collection name, as well as a photo and some hexagon details. The banner would accommodate both horizontal and vertical images of your models using/wearing your products; the background color would match each image. The top features the breadcrumb navigation and the bottom features pagination in cases where you have more than 12 products.

Little Hip Squeaks category page


Mobile Theme

Zoe coded the site on Shopify, adding a quick and simple mobile theme as part of the process. This is our new budget-conscious way of making a mobile friendly site. Rather than having us design a mobile version or responsive design for you from the start, we can purchase an existing Shopify mobile theme and adjust it quickly to add your branding.

Shopify mobile site design
Shopify mobile site design (click to enlarge)

Project Testimonial

I could not be more thrilled with my experience working with Aeolidia — my site was completely tailored to my ecommerce needs and is absolutely wonderful.

We have received dozens of comments on how easy the new site is to use, and how gorgeous it looks.

Our wholesale requests tripled since the launch of the site, and we are definitely sending the vibe that we are a high end brand!

-Amy Richardson, Little Hip Squeaks

How Does It Look?

How does the new look work for you? What feelings do you have about the Little Hip Squeaks business after seeing the new website and logo? Do you feel that your logo and website are helping your customers see your business in the right light?

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