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Most Elegant NNS Booth Designs

by Arianne Foulks

June 2, 2016

We didn’t even take pictures of half of the booths we loved at the National Stationery Show – there were just so many. However, we did keep our wits about us and capture photos of some of these beautiful booths. At the NSS, booth design is stunning! These ones were among the most elegant booths at the show.

Katherine Watson

Katherine’s booth was about as gorgeous as possible. Wallpapered with one of her patterns, and perfectly laid out, this corner booth was the most beautiful booth at the show. The wooden sign, elegant furniture, plants and details and careful arrangement of her products made this booth a must-see.


Katherine Watson National Stationery Show booth design
Katherine Watson NSS booth design

Scotch & Cream

This booth was perfectly on brand and totally polished, from the furnishings to the gilt molding at the top of the booth. Everything went perfectly with the retro cocktail aesthetic of the brand, including some gorgeous promo materials and catalogs.

Scotch & Cream booth design
Scotch & Cream trade show booth

Lily & Val

Lovely architectural wall details on this one that helped you to feel like you were stepping into a shop. The walls were unique and the chandelier was a nice touch as well.

Lily & Val NSS booth design
Lily & Val booth design for the National Stationery Show

Pences Design Studio

The marble patterned wall, furnishings, and careful layouts made this booth stand out from the others.

Pences Design Studio booth
Pences Design Studio NSS booth

Potluck Press

This origami crane wall was a standout, and the spinning card racks made it feel like a little shop.

potluck press nss booth
Potluck Press booth at the NSS 2016

Made in Brockton Village

The black wall in this booth really made the cards pop, and we also liked the painted flower details. Simple and clean made this booth stand out.

Made in Brockton Village stationery show design

Idlewild Co.

Another lovely painted wall, and the wooden shelves were a great touch.

Idlewild Co. stationery show booth
Idlewild Co. trade show booth

Clap Clap

The Clap Clap booth was perfectly polished, and we were bowled away by her scented card display. The cards smelled realistic, and so great! Unique color scheme for the booth, and products perfectly in sync with each other. One of my new favorite stationery brands!

clap clap scented cards
Clap Clap Design booth display design

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