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National Stationery Show Recap 2017

by Arianne Foulks

June 1, 2017

Here is our 2017 National Stationery Show recap. Wondering how to stand out from the crowd at a tradeshow? It's all about the strength of your brand.

The National Stationery Show (the NSS) is a big yearly trade show in New York City that showcases both established and new stationery businesses. It’s “to the trade,” which means that retail sales aren’t being made; it’s for forging and maintaining wholesale relationships only.

We have been honored and delighted the last couple of years to be able to attend as press (see our previous trade show tips and advice here). We love seeing what’s new in the stationery world, getting to meet face to face with business owners we support and admire, and meeting readers and members of our Facebook group. One of the biggest delights, though, is seeing our designers’ logo and branding design come to life in the form of a trade show booth.

Here are three Aeolidia-made logos and brand designs (two we recently launched), in booth form:

Casey, in the Casey BarberSHOP booth. Logo by Aeolidia.
The Paula & Waffle Booth. Logo by Aeolidia.
The Frankie & Claude booth. Logo by Aeolidia.


Another cool thing! Three out of the four winners of the 2017 National Stationery Show Best New Product Awards are Aeolidia clients.

Category: Life/Style
Sea Urchin Studio — Woodland Scavenger Hunt
We created their website and some styled product photography a few years ago!

Category: Let’s Celebrate
Frankie & Claude — Everyday Awards Ribbons
We designed her website and just completed a brand new logo – see it in our portfolio!

Category: Craft It Up/DIY
Lily & Val — Chalk Lettering Tool Kit
We created their website – see it in our portfolio!

Category: All Things Paper
417 Press — Infertility Sucks greeting card
Also an awesome brand we admire!

Congrats, everyone!

What about you?

Could your business use a professional brand identity to start off on the right foot and impress prospective wholesale customers? Let’s talk! We work with many brand new businesses, can answer all the questions about what makes sense to invest in at first, and we want to see you succeed! We currently have three, count ’em, three spots available in our design block that begins on June 19th. And Sam is talking to a few people who are interested, so please email today so we can save you a spot!

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