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Custom Art Print Mockup Photography

by Arianne Foulks

July 31, 2018

I have something cool to show you if you sell stationery or art prints. Custom art print mockups! Taking photos of your artwork can be a chore, and it’s hard to do well unless you’re a photographer. There are lots of options for stock photo “mockups” that allow you to drop your art into the photo using Photoshop. Once you’ve used these for a while, though, you’re bound to come across someone else using the same photo and feel unoriginal. And even worse, maybe your customers have seen the same photo before, too, and it makes you look like unoriginal.

Having custom photos shot and styled for every one of your products can be daunting, though. Especially if you have a lot of inventory or are regularly designing new artwork. Custom mockup photos to the rescue!

Jen, our photographer, does these sometimes for our logo and web design clients. Just another perk of hiring a team that can take care of all your website content for you! We just need to know what dimensions your artwork uses, and what applications you want photos for, and we then take our vast knowledge of your brand, customers, and vision, and design photos you can easily use over and over for your website. And we can shake it up a bit so your customer doesn’t see the same photo repeated up and down each page.

Here are some photos Jen styled for Adoren Studio. Aren’t these lovely?

Custom art print mockup flatlay photography

Custom art print mockup photo
One of two options Jen provided for a single art print flatlay mockup. Artwork can be added in Photoshop.
How custom stock photography works
Here’s the second option with Adoren’s art prints dropped in, and optional props added.
Art print mockups for Etsy shops
A custom styled tabletop scene to add matted or plain artwork using Photoshop.

Styled wall art product mockup photos

Styled custom art print mockup photography
Jen styled a dresser scene using props that will appeal to Adoren’s target customer. The shop owner can drop her photos into the custom art print mockup using Photoshop.
Drop in art print photography
Here is the same photo with Adoren’s art dropped in.
Custom hero photo mock up stock photo for art prints
Here is a “hero photo” feature for the home page of Adoren’s website, using the stock photography. Artwork can be rotated for each new collection.

Product photo mockup for nursery wall art

Hero photo mock up
This simple styled photo of a nursery can be adjusted and added to to display wall art for sale.
Custom hero photo mock up for stationery
Here is the same photo with artwork, graphics, and text added. The color of the dresser was changed using Photoshop.

Tiffany, owner and designer at Adoren Studio, told us, “I love that you left me a blank slate to create the scenes that make sense for the products. We actually saw a full 1% increase to the conversion rate of our bestselling animal set when we a/b tested our lead photo with Jen’s mockup of the set of 4 against our current one – that’s a big difference! Photos really matter so much and it’s a great reminder to always be tweaking and testing new mock-ups to see how they resonate with our audience.”

View all we did for Adoren Studio in our portfolio »

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Hiring a photographer to create custom product mockup photos

When you hire Aeolidia to design your logo or website, we can include a photographer, copywriter, marketing consultant, and even help you out with your web stats and MailChimp setup. We aim to make your website highly successful, and that involves a lot of content and marketing strategies.

We would be delighted to do this for you. If you’re curious about the investment, please grab our rate sheet to help with the decision.

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  1. The average conversion rate is 2 or 3% for a website, so a 1% improvement on a site that’s getting less than that can easily double sales.

    If you’re getting 5000 visitors per month, that’s an extra 50 sales, which is an additional $45,000 per year if your average order value is $75. I hope that makes sense!


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