The Care that Goes into a Text-only Logo: Wishbird

Designing a text based logo for an upscale paper brand

Christine Burns wanted to create a company and brand built on the power of the written word. She created Wishbird, a box of quotes or sayings that make the recipient feel special, cared for, and understood during good times, difficult times, or everyday times. Each set of cards arrives in a beautifully packaged box, and is meant to be put someplace, like a desk or nightstand, where the words can be seen and felt.

“Wishbird gets back to the written word, instead of emails or texts. It’s the perfect way to say the right thing when finding the right thing to say is hard,” Christine said. “My business personality is fresh and simple, thoughtful and smart.”

Inspired by the simple beauty of words, our designer, Christine Castro, decided to explore a text-only logo in which the typography creates a refined mark and the letters themselves evoke visual interest. Creating a text-only logo is truly a labor of love and detail; each curve, each serif (or lack of serif) and space between the letters is intentional and has a job to do. Though Christine C. explored many directions and ideas ranging from traditional roman typography to a sleeker modern type, she finally landed on a marriage of classic and modern for this initial lowercase concept:



Together, these elements read upscale but not stuffy, positioning Wishbird as the go-to for special, thoughtful messages of encouragement, love and laughter. A subsequent logo concept explored similar elements in an uppercase-based logo. Still present were the varying line weights and subtle curves to elevate the mark to something more special:



The result? A simple and casual type-based logo with a sense of classic refinement. It appeals to the upscale, high-quality taste of Wishbird’s dream customer, drawing her in to ooh and ahh over its contents. Equally important, it brings the Wishbird experience, which is all about evoking emotions through the written word, full circle by delighting the recipient from the moment she sees a Wishbird box to the moment she’s finished reading its heartfelt sayings.


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