Klaviyo Setup & Strategy For Shopify

Advanced MailChimp Setup For Shopify
Your email list is one of the most powerful marketing channels in your toolbox. In fact, the average ROI for email is well above 30:1, and it’s the one channel you have total control over.

A great email strategy will yield better lifetime values, higher conversion rates, and immediately open new lines of revenue by giving your customers personalized messages and journey nurturing. If you want those kinds of results, though, you need to be genuinely engaging your list, and taking advantage of the more advanced features ecommerce-focused platforms have to offer.

Why do we use Klaviyo? Because it was built for ecommerce email marketing and has a deeper integration with Shopify than Mailchimp and other email platforms.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting up an ecommerce automation such as abandoned cart, purchase follow up, and/or re-engagement campaigns.
  • Setting up an automated series of ​onboarding ​emails, to immediately engage your most recent subscribers.
  • Creating segments within your list so you can send targeted email to just the right people.
  • Cleaning up old list data and setting up custom profile properties unique to your business.
  • Cleaning your mailing list of unengaged subscribers, to raise your conversion rates and save fees.

Bottom line: If you feel like you aren’t taking advantage of all of Klaviyo’s powerful features, bring us in to make sure you are using email marketing to talk to your users at every touchpoint on the customer journey that is unique to your business.

How It Works

Work with our team to plan and implement advanced Klaviyo strategies that will drive more profits and better customer lifetime values. We’ll kick things off with a phone call to talk about the kinds of conversations you’d like to have with your customers to increase engagement and sales. We’ll especially focus on ways to use automation and Klaviyo’s tight integration with your Shopify data so that your email campaigns are more targeted without requiring more of your time!

We will include tutorials that cover adding/editing content in the automation emails and sending emails to segments, too. That means you’re not left hanging when we wrap your project up. You’ll get a full-fledged demo, explanation of all the settings in the system, team training, and more.

These are some of the things you can expect when you work with us:

Email Design and Copywriting

We are able to assist with design work, copywriting and marketing strategy on these projects. Our copywriter will identify your key product features, imagine questions or issues a potential customer may have before making a purchase, and break down the barriers to purchase in a fun, engaging and story-telling way.

Our designer creates a template and styles reusable blocks so you can mix and match to build your own varied layouts from campaign to campaign.

List Segmentation

It’s great to be able to deliver targeted messages to your customers with a personal touch. Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation tools allow you to tap into different types of customers and deliver them something that feels relevant and tailored.

A few examples of segments we’ve seen great success with are:

  • Big spenders.
  • Repeat customers.
  • Customers who purchased _____ (could be something like: product, category of product, certain product options, etc.).
  • Gift givers.
  • Subscribers who have never purchased.

Here are some use cases. Customers who purchased products tagged with ‘amethyst’ but have not (yet) purchased the amethyst necklace receive an upsell email. Newsletter subscribers who have browsed products from certain collections on the site but have never made a purchase get an offer.

Setting up these segments can be tricky, but we’ll be creating auto-updating segments for you AND helping you get comfortable doing it on your own down the road.

Automated Klaviyo Flows

The reason we love Klaviyo so much is because it talks so efficiently with Shopify. There are so many powerful things you can do with automations that these systems offer, and you can trigger them based on subscription or ecommerce events.

Here are some ideas:

  • Welcome messages that can be a sequence of onboarding emails to familiarize new customers with your brand.
    Trigger: Email List Signup
  • Content tailored to products purchased and lifetime spend that makes use of user-specific, single-use expiring coupons and predicted date of next purchase.
    Trigger: Customer has not purchased since *date*
  • Longer abandoned cart sequences than what is available as part of Shopify.
    Trigger: Customer viewed product or added to cart *an amount of time ago*
  • An automatic post-purchase follow-up email promoting an item that coordinates with a recent purchase.
    Trigger: Customer purchased *product* and might be interested in *upsell or cross-sell*
  • A promotion sent on or before a customer’s birthday or first purchase anniversary.
    Trigger: Send to everyone on my list on *time frame* relative to their date of birth.

Audit of your Klaviyo Settings and General Housekeeping

In addition to everything above, we’re going to make sure that your integrations with Shopify, Google Analytics, and more are good to go.
And of course, we’ll be making sure general best practices are being followed end to end.

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