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Using Your Brand Identity: Siamese Social Club

by Sam Hirst

June 9, 2015

We’ve discussed before why you need to start with the logo. Your logo and branding are a vital part of how you explain your business to your customers. Think of your logo as the keystone that holds everything else together. A solid brand identity makes it easy for customers to understand your business, and recognize your products. Using your brand identity throughout your marketing materials is important, and we’ve been excited to watch one of our recent clients, Kristen from The Siamese Social Club, begin to use her brand identity as she builds her new business.

siamese social club custom tissue paper
Custom tissue paper created with one of the brand identity patterns made even more special with a custom stamp!

The Siamese Social Club is for design-savvy cats and cat-loving people. Kristen and Bollini (the cat) share an appreciation for minimal, yet aesthetically pleasing comforts. They came to us last year to create a logo and identity for the brand-new Siamese Social Club. Kristen told us:

My specific goal for this project is to develop a logo and branding that will be appropriate for my business in its early stage as a small, etsy-run business, but will also remain relevant as it progresses into a larger, collaborative entity. Ideally, I would like people to be able to tell when they see the logo that this business is something different and not just another crazy-cat-lady business selling catnip mice or another “modern/contemporary” cat business that makes weird-looking litter boxes.

My ideal logo is clean and simple, with a slightly quirky or whimsical flair. I would love it to include an icon, image, or abbreviation that I can use in stamps or embroider onto products that would make it easy to identify the business without having to spell out the entire name.

Sarah created a fun and modern logo and identity for Kristen’s business. When she showed her the initial idea, she told her:

The “siamese” font is hand made using straight, simple lines and I used that cool “M” shape to make your icon, keeping it looking cat-like but again super minimalist style.

Once the logo was finalized, Sarah extended the brand identity to include some quirky elements that can be used in branding products and packaging, and included simple icons that are perfect for identifying the business without using the full name.

Siamese Social Club brand identity by Sarah Connor for Aeolidia.

Kristen really understands why her brand identity is such an important first step in building her business. She told us:

In the early stages of starting my business, I decided to invest in a professional logo design instead of settling for something I created myself—hiring Aeolidia for the logo design was the best decision I could have made. Having a brand new business with no previous logo, no website and no finished products yet, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to convey the design I wanted simply through written descriptions. Sarah, however, was a dream to work with and listened carefully to all of my feedback, crafting a logo that was exactly what I wanted but couldn’t envision. Not only did I end up with the most amazing logo to launch my business with, but the process helped me fully define my brand.

Take a look at all of the fun ways that Kristen is using her new brand!

creating tags using your logo and brand identity
Kristen uses a heat embossing stamp to create these leather tags!
Siamese Social Club custom packaging
A custom stamp makes it easy to create branded packaging.

Bollini is definitely impressed with Kristen’s hard work, and we’re so happy to have been a part of building this new brand!

creating custom tags for products

Are you ready for a new brand identity?

Talk to us! We’d love to help you begin to grow your business with a solid brand identity.

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