6 Tips for Doing Social Media Right: Erica Weiner on Instagram

How do you feel about social media? Love it? Confused by it? Feel like it’s a necessary evil? Are you like me,  just one person amid so many social media outlets that you don’t feel like you can do great on more than one at a time? I got fed up with Facebook long ago, could never maintain much interest in Twitter, and for the last year have been focusing my efforts on Instagram.

Instagram is fun! And it can be a challenge, particularly if photography is not your forte. I love finding a client of Aeolidia’s on Instagram who’s doing social media right. Erica Weiner, a jeweler in New York City, is a shining example. Erica and her team know how to tell a story!

Take a look at some example Instagram posts from their feed, and see how they’re doing social media right.

Telling a story

Instead of just showing you a pretty picture, they tell a story about the jewelry that makes people want it more and imbues it with a special value to the wearer.

Sharing behind the scenes

By showing what they’re doing behind the scenes, customers feel a personal connection to Erica Weiner when they buy a piece.

Setting rubies into these little scarabs' eyes today.

A photo posted by Erica Weiner (@ericaweiner) on

Not afraid to be unusual

The Erica Weiner team is not afraid to be weird and possibly turn away people who don’t get it. From dirty song lyrics to taxidermied bats, Erica’s personality shines strongly.

Showing their values

Not only do they tell a story about their jewelry, they also find ways to work in stories about their brand and what they stand for.

One of a kind content

They will put together photos that combine their products and their interests in a way that hasn’t been done before, creating new content that holds peoples’ interest.

Herkimer Diamond earrings + antique picture frame + typewriter + early 1900's jewelry ad.

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Keeping things consistent

The Erica Weiner feed as a whole works together as a cohesive marketing piece. Everything sticks to the jewelry theme (including posts about love and style and history). Elements repeat, such as their handwriting backgrounds. It’s easy to tell when you click over to their profile what they do and who they are.

Erica Weiner on Instagram

See how it’s done

Go follow Erica Weiner on Instagram! And while you’re over there, please see us, too: Aeolidia.