How To Make Your Shopify Site Work For Instagram Shoppers

The website redesign for June & January on Shopify needed to work well for their Instagram shoppers, customers, and fans on mobile phones

Big little businesses…they grow so fast, don’t they?

They do when you start off on the right foot. Way back when June & January was barely a newborn business, we gave this maker of bold, colorful clothes for modern babies, tots and kiddos a complete makeover. It involved a new name, web design and visual identity, and once their transformation was complete, we watched them grow and grow and grow.

Photo © June & January. Purchase Poppy Bows Tote bag

Photo © June & January. Purchase Poppy Bows Tote bag

Photo © June & January. Purchase Hoodie Jumper

Photo © June & January. Purchase Hoodie Jumper

Five years later, June & January had doubled their sales each year for the past three years. They’d built a huge social media following and online community of moms who can’t wait for the brand’s newest product release or sales special.

We were thrilled—and super proud!—when founder Amy Richardson-Golia asked us to help take her brand yet again to the next level. With a 5% conversion rate and thousands of Instagram shoppers monthly, the June & January site was already performing strongly. But there were several areas ripe for improvement, most of which had to do with the logistics of how customers make a purchase.

78% of J&J’s traffic was mobile, and more than 80% of that traffic was on an iPhone. Why so high? The June & January Instagram account—and its nearly 200k followers—is a huge, direct driver of purchases. In fact, it was almost too direct: because customers were brought to their cart immediately, they weren’t being encouraged to shop longer and discover the many lovely goodies June & January has to offer.

There was also the matter of logistics. One of Amy’s goals was to help Instagram customers shop with greater ease and less clicks by making it easier for them to buy the same products in more color options. This meant a cleaner, more simple design was in order, as well as making it simple for mobile/Instagram shoppers to choose their preferred color and size.

Photo © June & January. Purchase Swing Dress

Photo © June & January. Purchase Swing Dress

Photo © June & January. Purchase Knotted Headband

Photo © June & January. Purchase Knotted Headband

Given June & January’s strong mobile traffic, Christine began designing the new site with a focus on mobile first:

“The June & January moms are serious about their online shopping—they have been waiting with bated breath for your next release and when it’s time to pounce on that sale they don’t have a lot of time to do it. The homepage is designed with them in mind—it’s clean and simple, making it a breeze to see your awesome products and make a purchase.”

The new mobile-friendly item page opens with an image of the product. Customers can view alternate images by clicking the dots at the bottom of the image. Below the image are the product name and price, followed by the color, size, and quantity options. The “add to cart button” is high up on the page, making it easy for customers to buy the adorable item. And the social media share buttons are directly below the add to cart button so they can share it with all their friends.

June & January website - home page design

June & January website – home page design

This new streamlined shopping experience was designed not only to encourage purchases, but sharing. The June & January community is vibrant and active, full of moms who can’t wait to post pictures of their little ones in the latest J&J gear. By integrating the site with the brand’s preferred Instagram hashtags, we created a community-driven feed of customer photos. Two images display fully on each product page, and customers can use the arrows to scroll through the rest. Can you even resist it?

If you’re reading this on your phone, we definitely recommend taking a stroll through the new June & January site. Does it look like something that could help drive purchases and build community for your brand? Contact us about growing your business with a stronger mobile strategy.

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