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Custom Branding Project | Brimful

by Arianne Foulks

April 23, 2013

Brimful logo

I’d like to share a recent custom branding project: Brimful! While I’m at it, I will give you some information on our new logo design packages. The Brimful logo was designed by Mariah, and is a good example of our Logo With Branding package.

Brimful is a carefully thought out collection of toys for 0-12 month babies. Kari and Annie spent months selecting their shop items for quality, color, and fresh interpretations of familiar playthings.

Mariah designed a logo and identity for them from the ground up, creating a vibrant and cheerful logo that was modern and cute – but not too cute! See how our branding guides can set the stage for a well-planned and cohesive identity in everything you do.

Brimful logo by Mariah DeMarco for Aeolidia; custom branding project Brimful.

The Logo With Branding package includes a few days of thorough research – time to brainstorm, explore, and learn about your business, your customers, and your competitors. This allows us to provide a more thoughtful, comprehensive, and engaging brand that has longevity. This package also includes design for your business’ identity beyond the logo, which you can then use as a tool to inform other design decisions (website, marketing materials, packaging). You can see a summary of Brimful’s full brand guide below:

custom branding project Brimful - Brimful brand style guide

Now Kari and Annie can take the logo versions, patterns, fonts, illustrations, and everything else that makes up their brand identity to really flesh out their business. From business cards to packaging to a website, they can pull everything together and make it cohesive and exactly “Brimful” by following Mariah’s guide and using the included designs.

What questions do you have about the logo design process? What is the hardest part for you about making sure everything is “on-brand” when you’re designing for yourself?

If you could use our expert support with your branding project, you can grab our rate sheet here!

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