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Be Inspired by These Online Flagship Stores

by Arianne Foulks

July 25, 2017

When you’re talking about chain stores, a “flagship store” is a special example store that works to tell a business’s story, provide a place for customers to feel like a part of the story, and make a statement about what that brand stands for.

At Shopify’s developer conference last year, they shared an idea that I liked, which was that your ecommerce site can serve as your online flagship store for your customers. This makes so much sense. Whether you have brick-and-mortar locations or are entirely on the web, your website is your home base.

Treat your online shop as your flagship store! Make it a destination, a resource, a place where your tribe feels at home. Make a statement with it. Let it tell your story in a way that feels like an experience for your visitors.

Here are some online flagships we’ve had the honor and pleasure of creating at Aeolidia. These were all designed uniquely for each business, not using a template. These are all Shopify shops.


Bonnie’s new site welcomes visitors in to shop, yes, but also to discover and learn. With an ingredient spotlight, an informative blog, and a helpful newsletter, Mafu is more than just a place to buy, it’s also a place to nurture and connect with yourself.

Online flagship store for Mafu, maker of botanical health and skincare products.

Read more about the Mafu project on our blog

Browse the Mafu flagship store

Love, Georgie

Working with people who are passionate about what they do never gets old! Robyn of Love, Georgie is on a mission to spread happiness one gift at a time. Her online flagship makes customers feel known, cared for, and truly special. We worked the “love” in Love, Georgie throughout each little experience a customer will have as they find the perfect gift and discover how to personalize it.

Online flagship store for Love, Georgie, a jewelry designer.

Read how sales skyrocketed before this project was even done

Peruse the Love, Georgie flagship store

Hester & Cook

Hester & Cook was a business that was doing so well with wholesale that they had neglected their own website. This made them look less established, impressive, and appealing than they really were. Our goal was to create an updated and beautifully branded experience that would not only appeal to their current customer base but also attract a new online clientele. We also wanted the online experience to match the quality of their curated, flagship brick & mortar experience. Now they can feel confident that both branches of their business are communicating their quality!

Hester and Cook online flagship store for a gift and home décor brand.

Explore the Hester & Cook flagship store

Emily McDowell

Emily’s astounding rise left her with no time to give her website the attention it needed for awhile. When we met with her last year to transform her out-of-the-box theme into a true flagship experience, we packed it full of completely on-brand details, like Emily’s own handwriting and illustration. Each call to action on the site is peppered with Emily’s humorous yet straightforward voice. Her “just right” customers instantly feel like they belong.

Emily McDowell online flagship store

See all we did for Emily McDowell in our portfolio

Shop the Emily McDowell flagship store


Christina and her team put SO much love and care into each itty bitty detail of each adorable handmade doll. So it seems crazy for them to have a website that doesn’t show the same amount of care, love, and magic. We worked closely with Christina to create an online home for her dolls that communicates that attention to detail and sweetness from the very first moment.

Bamboletta custom flagship design for a maker of handcrafted dolls.

Read more about the Bamboletta project on our blog

Shop the Bamboletta flagship store

What is your website saying to your customers?

Sure, you could plunk your logo and photos into a pre-made design template, but I urge you to consider the alternative: a perfectly-fitting space created with your ideal customer in mind that makes her want to explore, shop, share, and come back. I’d love to build it for you.

Tell me a little more about your business here. The next group of daring business owners will begin the transformation with us in a month. Grab your spot!

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