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New Year, New Merman – Print Design

by Arianne Foulks

February 11, 2014

Every year, I commission one of our illustrators to create a Christmas/New Year/thank you card for our clients. We knew we wanted to do something special for our end-of-the-year cards this year, to celebrate our new branding and get people excited for the new website.

Well, Mariah knocked it out of the park, as usual! Here was the idea she showed me for our cards:

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
Box o’ mermen

Oh, hello little merman! Look how cheery you are! It was super exciting getting the box of cards in the mail from Pike Street Press, a local printer. Instead of stacking them up somehow, they just scattered them delightfully on a bed of tissue paper, and they all waved a jolly hello to me.

I sat down with my slate envelopes, shimmery gold liners, and spool of Divine Twine (courtesy of our lovely client, Whitney), and got to work putting these little ornaments together and getting them ready to mail.

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
Ahoy there!

This will be the first of many creative and delightful print projects for Aeolidia! I am so glad to finally be giving our own company the royal treatment that we give our clients.

In case you thought we were a one-trick pony (websites!), I’d like to be sure you know that we do print design as well.

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
My merman crafting supplies

We can make you business cards, notecards, postcards, letterhead, custom envelopes, and all kinds of great business stationery.

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
Had a little help from my kindergartener

If you sell a physical product, we love to make your packaging as sharp as your website, and can help with jewelry cards, hang tags, labels, boxes, bags, custom ribbon and tissue paper – the works!

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
Stuffing envelopes

We can also take the work of getting them printed off of your hands. We can find a printer and make the order, coordinating all the special touches, such as die cuts, letterpress, luxurious card stock, gold foil, painted edges – you name it.

Aeolidia letterpressed new year's cards
Hello, sailor!

If your packaging or marketing materials could use a refresh in 2014, please tell me about it:

Talk to me about your brand identity

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